TriggerTech Diamond | The Apologizer Build

Triggers in most guns are a lot like insoles in most shoes to me, they work but could be better… a lot better. I almost always swap out a stock trigger for one that meets my needs and if TriggerTech makes one for the gun it gets one installed. For the Apologizer build I swapped the stock trigger for a TriggerTech Diamond, known for short trigger stroke, low pull weight, no creep, and crisp break.

CQT Folders | Limited Release from TOPS Knives

The folks at TOPS Knives alerted us of a limited release they’re offering, and we thought you should know about it. They discovered that Fox Knives over in Italy still has some blades left from some folders that they made for TOPS about ten years ago. Well, why let them go to waste? Back in the day, the CQT’s were quite popular, so they’re going to use the remaining blades, making them available in two options until they run out. TOPS says if they ever bring back the CQT Folders they’ll distinguish them in some way (as in a color change, etc.) from the knives in this limited release. Two Models CQT Magnum — Two Blade-Point Options These big, beefy folders have steel liners with black G10 handles on each side. The blade is made of N690Co steel and you can choose a tanto or hunter point. MSRP is $240….

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