Lucky Tackle Box

There are a lot of different monthly subscription boxes out there, for a wide array of pastimes: including angling. One of the best known of the latter is Lucky Tackle Box, a monthly subscription box for passionate fishermen & professional anglers. They have 3 different subscription options, each (as LTB puts it) “…bursting with baits, lures, and tackle from the industry’s best brands.” 

Teddy Roosevelt’s Little Thirty

The Winchester 30-30 (Winchester 1894) is an iconic gun, probably because of one particular man: Teddy Roosevelt. Of all the US Presidents, Theodore Roosevelt is perhaps my favorite. In his life, he did it all: author, rancher, big game hunter, explorer, military leader, police commissioner, Secretary of the Navy… Oh yeah, and POTUS. This article originally ran November 8, 2017. Most importantly, he was a shooter and fellow gun hoarder. His favorite rifles were those made by Winchester. Based on his numerous biographies and museum exhibits, it’s safe to say he owned no less than thirty. One was a Model 1894 fitted with a Maxim silencer. You know, as an aside, it’d be interesting to see a Winchester 1897 with a silencer attached. The rifle made an internet buzz a few years ago as the President’s former home and estate at Sagamore Hill was being renovated. It went on loan…

Heather Miller: THAT was the trigger

You may have heard names like Grace O’Malley, Scáthach of Skye, and Tomoe Gozen — but are you familiar with Heather Miller? If not, bring it in and take a knee. We’re gonna learn you up. It’ll be worth your time, promise. See, in an arena where terms like “female competition shooters”, “female 3 gun shooters”, and “professional female shooters” are most commonly used, we prefer to use champion shooters. Because, male, female, or helisexual, a badass shooter is a badass shooter regardless of the plumbing on board.

Just the Tip: Understanding Ammunition

Ammunition is packaged in a cartridge, which has four parts: the primer, propellant, case, and projectile (the bullet). A cartridge is often referred to as a ‘round.’ Shotgun cartridges can also be called ‘rounds,’ or ‘shells.’ They are called ‘shotshells’ when they contain pellets instead of a slug or other projectile — but regardless of what you call it, there’s no such thing as a magic bullet.

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