On the Range with Magpul’s new Hunter X-22 10/22 stock

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On the Range with Magpul’s new Hunter X-22 10/22 stock

Nate Murr

Magpul, Titan (in the classic mythological sense) of all things polymer, has recently released their new stock for the Ruger 10/22: the Hunter X-22. The new stock is designed as a drop in product requiring no gunsmithing at all. This means of course the user can install it themselves. The only tool needed is a flat-tip screw driver, and in about five minutes you are ready to go!

The stock mirrors the styling of Magpul’s shotgun buttstocks, and offers the shooter the ability to customize it to his/her needs. A series of buttstock spacers allow for length of pull adjustment, and is capped with a non-slip rubber butt pad. The comb of the stock is also adjustable, so one can achieve ideal cheek weld and head placement for use with different optics. 


The Hunter X-22 is adaptable for different barrel profiles as well, by removing or installing the drop in spacer which runs the length of the forearm. This spacer is secured to the polymer stock via three machine screws, and is sized for the factory standard barrel. With it flipped over, you can install your favorite bull barrel. 


The Stock has several sling mounting points, and most notably M-LOK slots on the front. A row of three M-LOK slots at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock on the forearm offers easy attachment of various accessories such as bipods. The company plans to offer the stock in their usual assortment of colors, however black (as always) is shipping first. 




On the Range

Some friends and I tried the stock out on the factory standard 10/22 and also a Kidd custom receiver with a Volquartsen carbon fiber bull barrel. Shooting the rifle in the factory pencil barrel configuration was fine and produced good results. But the combo just didn’t look right, so we moved on to the tricked out configuration that most will likely use this stock for.

The wider bull type barrel passed the $1 bill “free float” test, so we got to burning powder. Shooting from the prone with the assistance of an Atlas bipod, we were pleased at our groups at both 25 and 50 yards. Remember that the accuracy of your rifle is only as good as the ammunition you are putting through it, so if you aren’t pleased with your own results using this (or any) new stock, try a couple of different loads before blowing anyone’s email up. 


2015-09-10 09.45.18

Overall, the stock is a pretty good upgrade for an accuracy-driven 10/22 build. Cheek weld is comfortable, regardless of which spacer is used. The ability to adjust the length of pull will be welcomed by those intending to use the stock with growing youths, as well as people of different sized frames. With this stock the rifle balances well, and feels more like a rifle than a BB gun (as is the case with the light factory stock). The distinct angled grip is comfortable, placing the hand in a way which promotes proper trigger finger placement. Manufactured in the best country on earth, ever, this U.S.A.-made stock will likely please everyone but the old timey, wood stock lovers out there. You can check it out here on Magpul’s website



Drop-in design compatible with all factory Ruger 10/22 .22 LR receivers

Reinforced polymer construction for strength and durability

60 degree grip angle from bore axis

Adjustable LOP from 12.5”-14.5” with 0.50” Spacers

Non-slip rubber butt-pad

Optional Cheek Riser Kits to raise cheek height 0.25”, 0.50”, or 0.75”

Reversible barrel tray accepts all factory barrels as well as aftermarket up to 0.920”

Compatible with all capacities of factory Ruger 10/22 magazines

M-LOK™ slots on forend sides and bottom for a wide variety of accessory and sling mounting options

Two dimpled drill points to install optional standard swivel studs (#10-32 x 3/8” long dome stud)

Push-button QD swivel compatibility in rear with optional Sling Mount Kits

Left and Right rear 1-1/4” Footman’s Loops

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