Monster Mule – new from Monster Energy

Monster Energy has released a new energy drink. Their latest flavor is Monster Mule.

Monster Energy's latest drink is the "Monster Mule".

Monster Mule

Alas, it’s not an alcoholic beverage or a new kind of beer, but don’t let that stop you from giving it a try.


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From the official description:

3 people walk into a Hollywood bar- a Russian vodka distributor, a copper mug salesperson, and ginger beer homebrewer. Urban legend has it that the Moscow Mule was invented! They grabbed an instant camera and took their idea to other bars, snapping pics of the novel cocktail to share with the next barkeep creating a viral sensation long before social media.

Raising a glass to these innovators, our non-alcoholic Monster Mule is crafted with a spicy and sweet ginger “mule kick” and a zesty lime finish. We stirred-in our Monster energy blend to get you moving!

So share one with a friend, take a pic and tag #MonsterMule on Instagram to continue the tradition. 

Unleash The Monster Mule

If you’re gonna buy some, consider doing it via our link and support the site.

You probably already guessed this, but it was a Monster Energy Girls social media post that brought this to our attention (q.v.).

Monster Mule
This image is from a recent Monster Energy Girls shoot in Dubai. We just put the Monster Mule can on there for effect.


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