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November 19, 2018  
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This article was published the first time in October, 2016. 

A few months ago I talked about shivs and today I’m going to look at plastic knives, specifically the G10 sculpted sticker by Sentinel Concealment Gear. Most of us see plastic knives as a sneaky way to elude metal detectors or wand-waving security ninjas in non-permissive environments. These plastic cutters are last-ditch protection when you’re toe-to-toe with some not-so-nice folks. You can’t whittle with these or fashion a bushcraft style shelter, but you can give a bad dude a nice little reminder he fucked with the wrong person.

G10 sculpted sticker by Sentinel Concealment Gear

The origin of these plastic stickers is all over the place and depending on who you talk to, you get a different story. They range from working with explosives to covert weapons for individuals straight out of an espionage movie. There’s no shortage of designs or materials and with a quick search, you can find all sorts of options and prices range from $8USD to $65USD. With that in mind let’s look at this sculpted piece of badassery, The Senka.

G10 sculpted sticker

Senka is a Croatian (Serbian in origin) word meaning shadow. This is a fitting name for this point-driven instrument. The blade is made entirely of G10 and sharpened to a point with a chisel grind for added strength. You can’t cut anything with the blade portion because its main purpose centers around point-driven methodologies. Of course, you can open letters with it, and maybe those Amazon Prime boxes. But make no mistake, this last-ditch tool is meant for soft targets on criminal types who need a little extra coaxing to back off.

Sentinel Concealment Gear

The Senka measures in at 6.5 inches with a thickness of .5cm (.20in). The handle is wrapped in nylon cord for improved grip. The sheath material is Kydex and features a small curve that allows a quick pocket draw and it even works from drawing from a sock with this feature. There are two holes drilled into the kydex for a cord in case you want to carry it around your neck or lash to a belt and store in your waistband. There are no metal rivets on the sheath, maintaining that non-metal profile.


Besides all the functionality this edged weapon boasts, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The Senka’s lightweight and performance focus make it a great backup knife or extra protection in places where being discreet are paramount.

G10 sculpted sticker by SCG

This Post is part of our Trails Found Series. What is Trails Found? Members of BreachBangClear and some other badass media outlets assembled together this last September to train with one of the last of what has been called the “old Border Breed”, in the desert of Arizona. That man they were training with was no other than the legendary Jim Grasky. In 1965 Jim Grasky was a young Special Forces soldier in the early 60s. He helped chase down Che Guevara and recce some of the more remote areas of Central and South America. By 1970 he was the squad leader for a team of smoke-jumpers parachuting in to fight remote wildfires, and somewhere during that timeframe may or may not have spent a lot of time with Air America over SE Asia. For about a quarter century after that, he was a Border Patrolman, and literally named BORTAC. Though Grasky is a man of many talents, one of his specialties is man tracking–which is why he developed programs specifically for USSOCOM and has taught the world over. Through your various social media outlets, you can track other articles and photos related to Trails Found by searching for #TrailsFound16 and #GoodGearMatters. The TF16 event was sponsored by Grey Ghost Precision and the “Grey Ghost Mafia“.

Safariland Cordura-wrapped holsters

⚠️ Some hyperlinks in this article may contain affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. It’s just one way to Back the Bang. #backthebang 

⚠️ Some hyperlinks in this article may contain affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Craig Metzger

Craig Metzger

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  1. big slot

    who made that one is trully artis of blacksmith. nice work

  2. Jeff

    I’m curious about the movie in which the guy with a knife gif comes from; can anybody identify?

    • PeteRock

      Gangs of New York

  3. rick

    no link or source to obtain. lame.

  4. CB3

    Who sells the Senka?

  5. John Wisch

    Who distributes them ? I want 2

  6. B

    Don’t forget the Busse Stealth Hawk, I regret selling mine.

  7. Nic

    Where did you get that patch from?

  8. Alex

    Who know who makes that Karambit in that picture?


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