M14 EBR: A Love Story

Chris Hernandez, French troops, and M14 EBR
| March 15, 2021
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She was beautiful. He had to have her. He loved her more than any that had come before, or any what would come after. He desperately wanted to kill a Talib or terrorist with her. She was…the M14 EBR. 

If you’ve been reading Breach-Bang-Clear for a while, you’ve likely seen pictures of Chris Hernandez with his EBR in Afghanistan. Chris says, and we see no reason to dispute him, that the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle is “..the most beautiful battle rifle in the world.”

In fact, he seems to think it’s the most beautiful of any rifle in the whole world.

“…like the 1911, the M14 is just such a work of lethal art that our enemies were undoubtedly proud to have been killed by one.”

Anyway, he recently wrote an article about it on The Mag Life. Here’s an excerpt.

I always brought along my beautiful M14EBR, just in case. Then came that day on the mountaintop, when I watched four Talibs practically carrying neon “Shoot me” signs, and knew my and my EBR’s time had come. 

With the possible exception of the Garand, the M14 is the most American of all American battle rifles. Many consider the M14 to have been born obsolete; it was basically a big, heavy, hard-hitting, updated World War II rifle, brought into service when the world was downsizing to lighter weapons in smaller calibers for a different kind of war.

But, much like the 1911, the M14 is just such a work of lethal art that our enemies were undoubtedly proud to have been killed by one.

The lines of the M14’s blue steel, tone and grain of its wooden furniture, the symmetry of the elongated compensator, solid ten-pound heft, and most importantly its accuracy, made it as classic as it is deadly.

Go read the entire heroic tale! M14 EBR: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BATTLE RIFLE IN THE WORLD

And if by chance you have an M14 or similar bruiser in your safe, get your Springfield Armory M1A mags at GunMag Warehouse.

Chris Hernandez

Longtime Breach-Bang-Clear Tribesman and contributor Chris Hernandez with two of his favorite fighting implements.


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