Just the Tip: 8 Sig P320 Magwell Options

January 29, 2024  
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The Sig Sauer P320 is a chameleon of a pistol. It has a modular fire control group that allows the free exchange of slides and grip frames. The P320 is available in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP and can be had with either a polymer or steel frame. The P320 is built with accessorizing in mind. Whether you want to switch grip sizes or install more pronounced controls, the 320 is one of the best in the business. Whether you want to add a bit of spice to your pistol or speed up your reloads on the clock, consider these P320 magazine well options:

Note: The .45 ACP chambered P320 is a dimensionally different handgun with its own modular parts that may not interchange with the smaller 9mm or .40. Likewise, not all Sig P320 grip modules will fit every accessory. Plan accordingly. 

Springer Precision 9/40 ESP Magwell

The Springer Precision ESP magwell will fit the 9mm or .40 S&W chambered P320. More specifically, it will fit the X5 and X5 Legion as well as X-Carry and X-Carry Legion P320 grip modules. Available in either brass or aluminum, the ESP magwell is IDPA ESP competition legal but is discreet enough for duty and carry work. One thing to note is that P320 magazines must be outfitted with Legion baseplates in order to be compatible.

springer precision p320 magwell

[Rainier Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Springer Precision Magwell

Mirzon Enhanced Grip Module Magwell

Mirzon offers a billeted aluminum magazine well with a generous flare for inconspicuous reloads. For those who need an option to better fit their FDE or burnt bronze frame, consider the Mirzon Enhanced Magwell in brass. Both are set up for a full-sized Sig P320 and will accept any P320 magazine and baseplate combination as long as it is a standard seventeen-round magazine or greater. However, the Mirzon magwell will only fit their proprietary Gen. 2 grip module, not the stock Sig option.

[Rainier Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Mirzon Enhanced Magwell

 Align Tactical P320 X-Universal Magwell

Align Tactical’s X-Universal Magwell is designed to fit X-Series OEM full-size and carry grip modules. This magwell is made of 7075 machined aluminum and comes with ample flare to accept X-Series magazines with Legion or AXG base pads. This model will not fit X-Compact, AXG, or standard grip modules.


[Rainer Arms]

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Where to Find Align Tactical Magwell

Tyrant Designs Extended Magwell

If flash is more of your thing, Tyrant Designs offers a polished aluminum magwell with a gold set screw. This magwell is compatible with the TXG grip module as well as the Sig P320 X-Series Carry and Full Size modules. It will work with Legion magazines as well as X-Five 21-round magazines.

[Rainer Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Tyrant Designs Magwell

Empire AXG Katana Magwell

Available in black, bronze, or tungsten grey, the Empire AXG Katana is an option for X-Series P320 pistols and grip modules. It features a more generous cup to anchor your pinky to the grip for best recoil control.

[Empire PBF]

for sale

Where to Find Empire AXG Katana

Agency Arms X-Series Magwell

The Agency Arms X-Series is a favorite addition for those who like to conceal carry. This minimalist anodized aluminum addition is compatible with Sig P320 X-Series Full and Carry grip modules. It also requires OEM Sig 21-round magazines.

[Agency Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Agency Arms Magwell

The Gun Co. Magwell

The Gun Company’s P320 magwell is a competitive option to the Agency Arms model. Like that model, the GC model adds to the grip frame minimally and is made of anodized aluminum. It is also only compatible with the X-Series Carry and Full Size grip modules.

the gun company's p320 magwell

[Rainier Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Gun Co. Magwell

Killer Innovations P320X Magwell

Made in a similar style as the Gun Company’s Sig P320 magwell, the Killer Innovations P320X is made to suit the X models. Unlike the others on the list, the Killer Innovations have the benefit of coming in a rainbow of colors to suit any palate.

[Rainier Arms]

for sale

Where to Find Your Killer Innovations Magwell

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