21 Accessories for the Glock 21

The Glock 21 in .45 ACP is served in several flavors, including Gen5 with MOS. Whichever one you have, here are 21 great Glock 21 accessories.
June 29, 2023  
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The Glock 21 is a full-size .45 ACP handgun. Recently, the lineup of G21 models was expanded with a Gen5 + Modular Optic System (MOS) slide, so tricking this gun out with accessories and upgrades has become even more fun. Regardless of which type you want to upgrade, you’ll find an entire buffet of Glock 21 accessories worth looking at below. 

Glock 21 Upgrades and Accouterments

If you’re like most of us, you will start a search for Glock accessories with sights. Maybe move immediately to the trigger. Those seem to be the most common accessories added to a , at least with the folks we know…but those are hardly your only choices! Keep readin’; you’ll see what we mean. And if you have something other than a G21…ya might keep reading. Many of these gun accessories will work on a range of different blasters.

Some of what you’ll see here are practical. They contribute to accuracy, better recoil management, or just an overall improved shooting experience. A few are more aesthetic than “pragmatic,” and we don’t see nuthin’ wrong with that. A couple, though…a couple might be downright Mall Ninja. You be the judge of those firearm accessories.


  1. Weapon lights
  2. Sights
  3. Triggers
  4. Barrels
  5. Grip and slide
  6. Carry it 
  7. Feed it
  8. Clean and maintain it


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⚠️ Note: When looking for your own ideas for G21 accessories, ensure that you search “large frame Glocks” many of the normal Glock aftermarket parts found are only compatible with standard frame Glocks like the G19.

Always ensure that Glock 21 or large frame is on the compatibility list of the product you’re looking at! 

Also! Few, if any, of these require special tools to assemble or install components, but double-check ahead of time. It’s aggravating when you’re upgrades arrive but you have to wait to install them because you don’t have what ya need to do so. Ask us how we know.




1. Surefire X300 Turbo

A weapon light is the first thing you should be using to accessorize your blaster. Always. The X300 Turbo is on the high end of the price scale for WMLs, but there’s a good reason for that. It’s a great WML. 

Surefire X300 Turbo weaponlight: specifically, the Surefire X300 Turbo-B WML.

The Surefire X300 TURBO attaches securely to both Universal and Picatinny accessory rails. A weaponlight is the first place you should start with G21 accessories. If there is any chance you’re going to use it defensively, you should have a WML on it. Actually, let’s change that. Have a pistol? Get some lumens on it. 

When it was released, the Surefire Turbo was the company’s furthest-reaching beam to date. It pushes a 66,000 candela-focused beam with 650 lumens. Thanks to a T-slot thumbscrew, it will fit onto any Pic rail there is (including your G21s).

• Available in two colors
• Integral ambidextrous momentary- and constant-on switching provides easy instant activation
• Attaches securely to both Universal and Picatinny accessory rails
• IPX7 waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes
• High Output: 650 lumens
• High Runtime: 1.5 hours
• Distance: 514 meters

Buy it and back the bang

Where to Find It


If the price point of the Surefire is too high for you, check out Streamlight and Nightstick



2. Defoor Everyday Carry Sight Set

Partnering with Ameriglo, decorated NSW veteran Kyle Defoor designed these for the CCW user. With two standard front and rear irons, Defoor placed the front dot lower on the front blade, thus allowing the user to put that dot on closer engagements without thinking about where to hold it.

• Fits: Glock Gen 1-4 20, 21, 29, 30, 31, 32, 36, 40, 41
• Serrated front blade, perfect-width rear notch, and 90-degree edges.

 Defoor Sights For Sale

Buy it and back the bang





3. Ameriglo Suppressor Height Iron Sights


Ameriglo Tall suppressor-height sights for Glocks

These have a tall serrated front blade and tall rear steel notch for quick target and reticle acquisition in coordination with your suppressor or red dot (both of which are nice G21 accessories, though the latter is typically less expensive and more useful day-to-day).

If you mount a red dot or suppressor on your Glock 21, standard sights will be too low to use. That’s where suppressor height irons from Ameriglo come in. These are tall enough to use when a red dot is mounted on the slide, or a suppressor is threaded on.

• Fits all dovetail-cut Glock Slides.
• Stainless steel construction.
• Corrosion-resistant Nitride coating.
• We like to keep the rear murdered out ourselves, but you can use a paint pen to personalize yours if you want
• More types with tritium are available

Ameriglo Sights for Sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to Find Them




4. KNS Switch Sights Glock Flip Up Sights


Glock 21 accessories: KNS Switch Sights Glock Flip Up Sights

The Foldable Glock sights from KNS/Dead Air can be used with and without a suppressor. It can also be folded down or folded up for use with or without an optic. (Photo: Deadair Silencers)

We’re pretty sure these are a first on the market. Instead of getting a suppressor-height set, these “pop-ups” can be used with and without a suppressor. Simply flip them up or down as needed. Dots on both sides enable it to be used in either position.

• Available in two different dot preferences
• Ideal for red dots and suppressor-equipped Glock
• Stainless-steel locking system ensures they remain upright
• Low-profile and snag-free design for comfort
• Nitride-finished for durability and corrosion-resistance
• Fits All Gen1-5 Glock models *Will not fit G42, G43 and G48.
*Blue LocTite is recommended during installation

 KNS Flip-Up Sights for Sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find them






5. Timney Alpha Competition Glock 21 Trigger

(Glock Large Frame; be sure to get the right Gen!)

Timney Triggers Alpha Competition Glock Trigger

Timney Triggers Alpha Competition Glock 21 Trigger. (Photo: Timney Triggers)

Outta-the-box Glock triggers can sometimes be… well, not great. They’re not terrible parts, but they can certainly be improved upon. Timney Triggers, a trusted trigger company (very trusted), now has its Competition trigger for Large Frame Glocks, i.e., your Glock 21.

• Fits: Gen 3 / 4 Large Frame Glocks (10 mm and 45 ACP)
• No gunsmith needed, easy drop-in installation
• 3 lb trigger pull
• Comes in five different colors
• Teflon nickel-coated sear and trigger bar
• Straight aluminum trigger with an anodized safety blade
• Uses all OEM Glock parts and springs


Timney Triggers for Sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find them





6. Lone Wolf Arms Glock Threaded Barrel


Lone Wolf Arms threaded barrel for Glock 21

This Glock 21 threaded barrel from Lone Wolf is for the .45 ACP only; this gives you +3 cool points even if you never put a can on it…which would be a shame, actually. Shoot suppressed if you can! (See what we did there?)

A threaded barrel is needed to put a suppressor on your Glock 21. Lone Wolf Arms gives us their Stainless Steel threaded barrel that fits any .578×28 suppressor. Threaded barrels in .45 ACP are still not very prevalent in the gun world yet, so the fact that this barrel has great reviews means it’s worth a look.

• Fits Glock Gen3 and Gen4
• Rated 4.9 out of 5 on Optics Planet
• Precision machined from heat treated 416 stainless steel
• Tighter dimensions than the original
• Glass bead, satin finish exterior
• Maximum chamber support, improved feed ramp design
• Ok to use lead, plated, or jacketed bullets
• Includes thread protector
• Proudly made in the USA


Lone Wolf Barrels for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to Find It




7. SilencerCo Glock Threaded Barrel: G21

Glock threaded barrel for G21 from SilencerCo

You need a threaded barrel to add a silencer to your blaster, so why not a barrel manufactured by someone who builds suppressors? This is a good one, even if you don’t use a suppressor; just ask a bunch of influencers who wanna look cool on InstaSpace!

• 416R stainless steel

• .578in x 28 Threaded

• finished in black nitride (some stainless available)

• a SilencerCo threaded barrel comes with a thread protector

• Compatible with multiple generations of Glock (but get the right caliber)


SilencerCo Barrel for Sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one





8. Talon Rubber Adhesive Grip

talon grips on a glock 21

Talon Grips is an easy-to-install textured upgrade. This textured add-on is one of the only ones that some LE agencies will allow.

Let’s face it; standard Glock frames can get slippery. Especially when palms are sweaty… knees are weak… arms are heavy. Okay back to it. Adding an adhesive is one way to address that without permanently modifying your firearm.

Fun fact, Talon’s accessories are one of the only rubber adhesives allowed in many Law enforcement agencies. That means that they are a trusted product.

• Rated 5 out of 5 on Amazon
• Comes in three different colors
• High-strength rubber construction
• Proprietary granulated texturing
• Full-coverage design
• Tool-free installation
• Compatible with Glock 20/21 models

Talon Grips for Sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find ’em



9. Marksman v4 Glock 21 Slide


Glock 21 slide (Marksman v4) from Alpha Shooting Sports

The Marksman V4 Glock 21 slide is an aftermarket possibility for your blaster (particularly if you’re going to run a Trijicon SRO or RMR, a Holosun 507, or something similar).

It’s more difficult to find a good aftermarket Glock 21 slide than it is one for the G17, G19, or one of the Slimline models. These are set up for red dot sights, have 60-degree serrations, and have window cuts so you can show off whatever Gucci Lone Wolf, Killer Innovations, Rival Arms, etc. Glock barrel you’ve dropped in. 

Optic mounting capability & enhanced slide serrations for a secure hold.
Machined to accept Trijicon RMR/SRO & Holosun 507 red dot optics.
Slide-machined hardened Stainless steel for long-lasting performance.
Channel liner installed

Marksman Glock 21 slide for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



Want to customize your slide instead? 

Jaegerworks Slide Customization

While not a specific product, this company is one of the highest quality and easiest to work with companies in the slide-milling market. Since there aren’t many customized Glock 21 slide choices available for the Gen 4 and Gen 5 pistols, just use your own slide and send it in to Jagerworks. They can mill out your optic cut, mill out dovetails where you want them, and add some serrations for surety during slide manipulations, all for a reasonable price. 

• Custom optic cuts
• Will cerakote after cutting
• Custom serration cuts
• Great customer service and will respond to emails!
• Easy-to-understand selections on the website

Where To Find ’em: Jagerworks


10. Safariland 6395 ALS Low-Ride Level 1 Retention Duty Holster


safariland als holster

The Safariland ALS is a great rig for high-level movement activities due to its active retention system. Many different belts and adapters will fit Safariland ALS Holsters. (Photo: Safariland)


Safariland is the trusted holster company. With active retention, this duty rig will stand up to any activity you have going and is trusted by Law Enforcement. It accepts a Glock 21 with or without a WML; just choose your preference with the drop-down menu. It will fit any Safariland pattern adapter or use the provided belt run-through adapter. It’s also worth looking at some of the aftermarket SafariLand accessories available. We’ll address those in another article soon.  

There are MANY more options from Safariland for the Glock 21, so be sure to use their Holster Finder Tool to find the right one that fits your needs.

• ALS (Automatic Locking System) secures the weapon once holstered; simple straight-up draw once the release is deactivated
• Optional ALS Guard available for increasing level of security by one to Level II Retention
• Open-top design without SLS for quick retrieval of weapon
• Safari Laminate thermoformed construction provides protection
• Available in RDS model
• 1.5” (38mm) Belt Drop version

Safariland 6395 for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



TangoDown Vickers Tactical Slide Stop Glock 21

Another simple upgrade comes from TangoDown: the Vickers Tactical Slide Stop (available at Optics Planet or GunDeals).


11. Phlster Enigma

The Enigma changed the game for concealed carriers that wanted to wear sweatpants or go without a belt.

phlster enigma on a body with leggings

The PHLsterEnigma is a belt that still allows you to use your normal Kydex holster. Most belly bands use a fabric type of holster, but not this one. This can be used to wear your normal holster and gun concealed and without a belt or pants. Notice that this wearer is wearing leggings and a tank top. (Photo: PHLster)

This is one of those accessories that is actually an entire system. The PHLster Enigma allows you to use your normal Kydex holster and attach it to this modular and fully adjustable belt. 

This is not just a belly band but a strong and concealable attachment system that is fully safe due to still using a Kydex holster. Users have used it to grapple, go hiking, go to weddings in a skirt, and even to run to the store in basketball shorts.

It is comfortable, safe, and fully concealable. 

Note: Click here to see which holsters are compatible with the Enigma.

• Available in both non-WML-bearing and WML-bearing
• Available with bolt standard belts and sport belts
• Can use your normal wedges on the back of the holster
• Works anywhere on the front of the body, between about 2:00 and 10:00
• Adjustable grip tuck and rotation
• Change your ride height by simply moving your Enigma up and down. Since it’s not attached to your clothing, you can position it independently in the best spot for your body.

PHLster Enigma for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to get yours





12. Pitbull Tactical Universal Magazine Pouch


Pitbull Tactical Universal magazine pouch front and side

This pouch allows for everything from a 9mm mag to one that takes a .45 double-stack mag.


.45 ACP requires a larger handgun mag, but there aren’t as many mag pouch choices out there as there are with other handguns. An easy answer is the Pitbull Universal Magazine Pouch. This pouch allows for everything from a 9mm magazine to a .45 double-stack mag. It allows for this by expanding as the mag is seated into the pouch.

• Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars with over 1k reviews on Amazon
• Available in three colors
• Inside or Outside the Waistband Compatible
• Fits any 1.5-inch belt
• Fits a 9mm to a 10mm or .45ACP


Pitbull Tactical Universal Mag Pouch for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



13. NeoMag Pocket Magazine Carrier (Type G)

The NeoMag is the easiest concealable magazine carrier out there. It simply fits over the mag with a magnet for retention and with an added clip.


neomag and glock magazine.

NeoMag works by magnet and clip. This magnet will work with any OEM Glock mag and will easily clip onto your front pants pocket for concealed use. (Photo: Neomag)

Throw your extra mag in your front pocket and go. This clip will look like any other knife clip or money clip.

• Options for Large, Medium, and Small Calibers.
• Material: Black Nitride Steel
• Clip: Titanium
• Magnets: Dual Neodymium
• Made in the USA
• Can add custom engraving
• Comes in two different clip sizes deeper concealment or longer mags.
• Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on Google.
• Will work with OEM Glock Mags, Will not work with Magpul or ETS Mags


Neomag for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one




14. Carver Large Frame “Big Mouth” Magwell

Acting as a funnel, a flared magwell creates a larger and more natural opening when seating your mag.

Carver Large Frame Magwell for Glock 21

A flared magwell offers a large advantage over standard/factory magwells.


There are many brands available, but lot of people prefer the Carver Magwell specifically. That’s because it has a heavy stainless steel model that helps with recoil control by adding weight where you need it.

Note: It must be used with extended magazines.

• Compatible with Gen 1-2-3 Glock Models 20 and 21. Other models will fit Gen 4 (verify this before purchasing)
• Excellent for competition guns
• Includes a 3.7oz brass insert to add additional weight to your Glock’s receiver.
• Comes in two colors

Carver Magwell for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



15. SLR Rifleworks Mag Extension

Magazine extensions are an easy way to have more rounds in your mag without any permanent modifications. Simply take the baseplate off of your mag and slide on this extension.


The SLR Rifleworks Mag Extension is a +4 extension that will give you four more rounds of .45 ACP.

Note: You must have an extended mag spring to use this extension. That can be purchased here.

• Fits Glock 21 Mags
• +4 Capacity
• 6061 T6 Anodized Aluminum

SLR Rifleworks Mag Extension

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one

  • Gun.Deals ($$$ compare)
  • SLR RIfleworks
  • Primary Arms



16. Glock 21 Extended Mag Release / Catch

This aluminum extended mag catch from Glock will make dropping the mag much easier. Or it does for most of us anyway.


Glock Extended Aluminum Magazine Catch.

The extended magazine catch makes it easier and faster to perform reloads.

A larger button protrudes a touch more off of the frame. The fact that it is made by Glock means that it will drop right in with the correct fit.

• Comes in six different colors
• Available for both large and small frame Glocks
• Available in Gen 4/5
• Interchangeable for left or right hand shooters

Glock 21 Extended Mag Release / Catch for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



17. SpeedLedge G4

speedledge on a glock

The Speedledge for Glock pistols allows for an additional point for your non-firing thumb. This enables you to control more recoil and have a standard placement for your thumb. (Photo: Glockstore.com)


The Glock 21 is a larger framed handgun; the normal GoGunUSA Pedal is incompatible. However, here is your alternative. The Speedledge fits onto any Glock with a Picatinny rail. This ledge is meant for your non-firing hand and allows you to rest your thumb on the ledge.

This will help keep the bore down during recoil and have a spot to rest your thumb in the same place each time.

• Fits all Glock Models with a Picatinny Rail.
• This new G4 version is 84 percent lighter than their previous G3SL version and will fit into any leather or nylon holster.
Click here for a guide on modifying your Kydex holster to fit the SpeedLedge.
• Righty and Lefty models.
• Anodized Aluminum 6061-T6 Aircraft grade alloy.
• Reduce recoil up to 50%. ​
• Made in the USA.


SpeedLedge G4 for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



18. Forward Controls RMR Optic Plate for Glock MOS


Optic Plate for Glock 21

This plate is made of Steel with a tolerance of  +/- 0.005.


With the Glock 21 Gen 5 MOS slide out now, it is a good time to talk about how to mount an optic to the gun, including the needed optic plate. A good optic plate is the difference between losing your zero, or just losing your optic all together as it flies off of the gun.

Some of these plates are made with plastic, weak aluminum, or crappy screws that shear off during firing (especially with a .45 ACP). Forward Controls gives us the exact opposite of that with the highest quality plate on the market made of Steel and with a tolerance of  +/- 0.005.

• Available for RMR and DPP
• Fully supported in the front and rear by recoil lugs/fences, with minimum movement.
• Eliminate the need to use an additional sealer plate.
• Machined in 1018 steel
• Unchanged from that of the Glock MOS plate, it doesn’t change mounted height, nor does it require different separate irons.

Forward Controls RMR Optic Plate

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one





19. Glock tool: Real Avid Glock Sight Pusher

Real Avid Glock Sight Pusher

Real Avid’ Glock Sight Pusher quickly makes whatever changes you need. It’s a Glock tool that will also protect your Glock 21 slide and your new sights.

A sight pusher is needed when using different types of ammo or if your sights start to drift. Very rarely (if ever) will you attend a class wherein a student has not needed to make adjustments. This lightweight, strong Glock tool won’t damage the side.

This tool can be thrown in a bag for use at the range without being a nuisance. It also comes with a disassembly and front sight tool in the handle.

• Comes with different shims to fit all Glock slides
• Comes with an integrated disassembly and front-sight tool
• Three-year warranty
• Oversized, ergonomic, Easy Torque Handle

Safariland 6395 for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one



20. Midwest Industries Glock Vise Block


The Midwest Industries Vise Block for Glocks

This magazine block fits both standard and larger frame guns.

A vise block for any kind of gun is nice to have. It gets the gun out of your lap when working on it without damaging the firearm. Due to the block fitting into the magwell, many vise blocks will only fit standard-size magazine calibers.

However, Midwest Industries fixed that by giving us a magazine block that fits both standard and larger frame guns.

• Fits GLOCK 9mm/.40cal and 10mm/.45cal style firearms
• Compatible with PCCs and handguns (CMMG MkG, MkGs, Mk10; Kriss Vector, Ruger PC Carbine, and Glock 19/21)
• High-strength polymer construction
• Mounting holes for attachment to bench or alternative work surface
• Securely locks firearm in magwell for maintenance


Glock Vise Block for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one




21. Vaultek Lifepod 2.0

vaultek lifepod 2.0 on the beach

The Vaultek Lifepod 2.0 has a removable tray and light in the interior. It is also water resistant and environmentally friendly such as humidity resistant. (Photo: Vaultek)

When in the market for a smaller and transportable vault, you should be looking for one with multiple access points, environment control, and proper design on the inside, such as good foam and illumination. This vault could be on your bedside at home for quick-access security or in a pack in a canoe.

• Front Keyway, Capacitive Keypad, Biometric Available
• Water Resistant
• Light inside, Removable Tray, Interior Foam
• Available in Multiple Colors
• Backup Keys
• 8″ Security Cable
• Velcro Straps

Vaultek Lifepod for sale

Buy it and back the bang

Where to find one




You should be looking at a red dot sight — despite those who decry them, the addition of a pistol red dot is a damn game changer (for a carry gun and home defense weapon, too, mind you, not just on a competition gun). We’ll weigh in on our choice of red dot sights next.

Before you go, a reminder — software trumps hardware. Spend some $$$ to church up that Glock pistol; this is America! Just don’t neglect your training.

*Note: the industry is constantly providing new products for the Glock handgun (all makes and models). If we notice a new product that fits here, and if time allows, we’ll update this article periodically. It might not be part of the numbered list, it could be a featured products section, but we will update it. 

Read about other gun upgrades. 

Shooter ready?!?

Now go check out the Glock 29

Primary Arms Buy Now Pay Later

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SM 21 Accessories Glock 21

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  1. John Thomas Credle

    Completely agree a Glock 21sf has been in my nightstand safe for almost a decade.

    Never failed me once no matter how trash the ammo or conditions I was shooting in.

    The old friend was moved to the retirement safe last month when the Gen 5 moved into the bed safe for another decade…


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