Glock 29: The Pint-Sized 10mm Cannon

June 26, 2023  
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The 10mm Auto round has regained popularity over the last several years and with good reason. If you want a semi-auto handgun that can run alongside the .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum revolver cartridges, you need the 10. Whether your goal is personal defense, wilderness protection, or handgun hunting, the 10mm is a competitive round. The only downside is that the 10mm is usually chambered in large, all-steel guns like the 1911 or the Sig P220 series of pistols. The lighter Glock 20 in 10mm uses a polymer frame and is lighter, but is still duty-sized in bulk. For convenience of carry there has been one viable option: the Glock 29. We are going to tell you about it; then we’ll tell you some places to find a Glock 29 for sale.

The Glock 29: Background and Features

The Glock 20 was Glock’s first foray into the 10mm Auto. It was introduced in 1991, shortly after the FBI adopted the round to replace their .357 Magnum revolvers and 9mm semiautomatic pistols. The G20 is a full-sized handgun similar in size to the Glock 17 with a 4.6 inch barrel and a fifteen-round capacity. The pistol became popular with those who sought a lightweight handgun that could handle the 10mm round, but it was soon realized a smaller version might be more suitable. In 1996, the Glock 29 was introduced.

The G29, like all other Glock handguns, is a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol with a polymer frame. It uses the same Glock safe-action trigger, with an inner and outer shoe that must be depressed in order for the pistol to fire. Although it is thoroughly in the subcompact category of pistols, the G29, like other small Glock double-stacks, has an abbreviated light rail under the muzzle.  In terms of size, it shares a similar length and height as the newer and more popular Glock 43. It wears a 3 3/4 inch barrel and has a height of 4 1/2 inches. The difference between the two is in thickness. The Glock 29 measures 1.38 inch across the slide. It is thicker than the G43’s .87 inch. It is also marginally thicker than a comparable double-stack Glock 19, which measures in at 1.31 inch. They payoff is that you get ten rounds of 10mm Auto on tap, or fifteen if you choose to use Glock 20 magazines.

A Glock pistol with accessories in the factory case.

The full kit you receive with a new Glock 29 Gen 4 handgun. [Sportsman’s Warehouse]

Glock 29 for sale: Where to get yours.

Glock 29 for sale: Where to get yours.

Find a Glock 29 For Sale


Glock 29 Variants

The Glock 29 has been around since 1996. Over that course of time, the model seen a few different integrations. It was introduced as a 2nd Generation handgun, but the most common models are the Gen 3 and Gen 4 Short Frame. The Gen 3 debuted in 1998. This model has more stippling on the front and backstrap of the grip as well as three finger grooves inlet where the user grips the pistol. It also gained a thumb rest on both sides. The Gen 2 model lacks these features and is sleeker overall.

But as time went on there were complaints that the Glock 10mm pistols had too large of a grip. To be fair, other 10mm pistols have this problem. The round is 1.26 inches in length and conventional autoloading pistols usually utilize much shorter ammunition. Longer rounds make for a longer magazine and a longer grip that can affect the reach to the trigger. In 2007, Glock announced the Glock 20 and Glock 29 Short Frame (SF) models. The SF pistols have grips that are trimmed slightly under the beavertail and the material behind the trigger is relieved. This gives an improved reach to the trigger, although it can be tricky to spot the difference between a standard Model 29 and the SF model. Luckily, SF will be stamped on the left side of the frame to identify it. In 2012, the Gen 4 G29 was introduced. This is the latest model available, and it comes with a dual recoil spring to dampen muzzle flip and an enlarged magazine release. Replaceable backstraps are also included to allow the user to modify the grip to suit their needs. In 2017, Glock released their Gen 5 pistols. While models like the Glock 17 and Glock 19 were updated, the Glock 29 is only available as a Gen 4 handgun.

The Bottom Line

The G29 is not for everyone. It is thicker than the more common Glock handguns in 9mm. Likewise, its small grip size can make it a challenge to tame the recoil of the 10mm. But if you are pressed for weight savings and need a handgun that can handle any task from personal defense to bear defense, the Glock 29 stands alone with the field all to itself.

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