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Gunwatcher provides prices on historical weapons and has an excellent firearm search engine.
| October 15, 2014
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We recently discovered this interesting website called “Gunwatcher”. It’s pretty simple and to the point. You simply pull up their page and type in a model of gun, particular gun part or maybe type of ammo, and hit search. The results will be a source, price and location to purchase the item you are hunting for. It’s pretty quick, and great as a reference to get a bead on certain items, particularly ammo.  It also helps dial in realistic prices for historical firearms, too. 



By typing in “9mm”, for instance, you can price shop for a case of ammo for your upcoming pistol class (or simply see who has the best price right now). Type in “PMAG” and you can find your favorite color at a good price, or even order a full case of liberal nightmares. The website even provides info for the elusive “.22 LR” we read about in history books.

Gunwatcher has a simple but effective search tool

Gunwatcher has a simple but effective search tool.

Apparently back in the old days people use to shoot that (then) cheap and abundant round!  Regardless of what you are looking for, odds are you will find it on Gunwatcher’s search engine. They even have an advanced search feature for class 3 items, which is pretty cool. Check it out, and let us know if you find it helpful. 

Gunwatcher provides access to pricing and information on both modern and historical guns

How much do guns cost? Find out on Gunwatcher.


Gunwatcher has a vast array of brands . has all kinds of brands available. We’re not saying you should pick this one, just that you could if you wanted.


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Edit, 5 years after this was first published: is it better than Palmetto Armory, Brownells, or Gunbroker? You’ll have to be the judge of that. We like (and have used) all four. 


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    well, Gunwatcher isn’t working now…????? Need an update!

  2. BeeReal

    Well all-right, then boys. Gun watcher it is.


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