Palmetto State Armory: AK-V version 2

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| May 17, 2019
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Palmetto State Armory has been arming South Carolina for over a decade now. Since its founding in 2008 as a side hustle by vetrepreneur Jamin McCallum, PSA has grown at a stupid awesome rate. It now conducts business online and in several brick and mortar locations too.

Palmetto State Armory AR 15 parts and accessories

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Palmetto State Armory recently released an updated version of their AK-V. The re-released weapon features several design modifications made to correct issues suffered by the AK-V v1 that was released last year. A full explanation is given in this video narrated by Kris Vermillion, but the upshot is that some out of spec (for their design) bolts made it into some of the production models of AK-V and made their way out into the wild. In addition to that issue,

There are now mechanisms in place (like an added recoil block) to prevent bolt overtravel, and they’ve added a “MAC bracket” to prevent rounds from flying backward and down into the fire control group. Other updates include a modification to the bolt on the extractor side and a flare at the dust cover to provide a more tactile safety engagement without overtravel.

Palmetto State Armory AK-V

One of the most noticeable modifications to the Palmetto AK-V was made to prevent rounds from dropping into the fire control group (which is most definitely not a Good Thing).


Palmetto State Armory AK-V

The re-released AK-V from Palmetto Armory reportedly performed flawlessly at the 2019 Big 3 East Media Group event in Daytona Beach.


You know what, just watch the video. That’s why they made it! Or, if you already know the story, check out all the versions of PSA AK-V. Or that matter, the full line-up of PSA guns.


Note also the clarification he makes with regard to the AK-V magazines there toward the end!


Palmetto State Armory AK-V

The updates to Palmetto State Armory’s AK-V have apparently solved any issues it was having. The weapon, though niche, is becoming increasingly popular.  


*That’s Kris Vermillion, not some other Vermillion.

Texas Jack Vermillion

Turkey Creek Jack Johnson doesn’t work for Palmetto State Armory either (though it’d be cool if he did).


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