Apocalypse Equipped – review of the 5.11 Tarani

Apocalypse Equipped 511 Karambit -2

Our friend Josh – who may or not be the same guy you see flying that helicopter in so many Mad Max movies – recently wrote an overview of the 5.11 Tactical Karambit. Since we haven’t gotten around to writing our review yet, we figured we’d share this in the meantime.

I was impressed with both the slight weight, at about 150g (0.35lbs) and easy size in the hand. The blade itself is only 7cm (2.87″) long, which opens with an ambidextrous skeltonized opening in the back of the blade. An interesting feature of this knife is that the deployment is fully adjustable, by adjusting the tension in a spring-bar which is accessible by removing the scales. This is facilitated by the included TORX wrench, which was a nice touch.

The same wrench can also be used to flip the pocket clip from side to side.

Joint Task Force Awesome Member 5.11 Tactical

Read the review in its entirety over on Apocalypse Equipped. You don’t have to read English very well to get the gist of it – Josh is Australian.

Apocalypse Equipped 511 Karambit -1

We’re not saying this is our friend Josh Orth. We’re just saying this guy and Josh have never been seen in the same room together at the same time.

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