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Covert is the New Tacticool


Don’t be the guy wearing multicam in public cause it’s cool. Sure it’s nice to be able to match any earthtone shirt with that kickass multicam pack covered in molle for all your taccessories, but stop. Be that Anon who blends with crowd. Many of you reading this already know how to be the random guy. Congrats- you’re on operator level “stealthy as fuck.”

Whether you’re already “stealthy as fuck” or sadly, a “tacti-tool,” Grey Ghost’s got a covert pack that allows you to carry a carbine without looking like a COD groupie.


Do note: we love the shit out of multicam and COD, but there’s a time and place.


The Grey Ghost Gear Apparition Bag has all the features you’d want in a pack, but can also securely fit an SBR and your ammo. Check out the specs HERE.



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Mad Duo, Breach-BangCLEAR!

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  1. Derp.derp.derp.
    Largely because Wal-Mart sells complete and utter shit, coupled with the fact that Wal-Mart sucks dick. Pay good money, get a good pack. Act like a homo, get a homo pack.

    Any other questions?

    1. I was thinking the same thing! On the other hand, it looks like the Grey Ghost is purpose built on the interior, while the Eberlestock has a reasonably normal looking interior, but with the “secret compartments”.

    1. The problem with using a tennis racket bag is that the normal contents are valuable theft targets. Some gentle giant pulls your tennis racket bag off your shoulder or out of your hand, thinking now he’s got tennis rackets he can fence, he opens the bag, and Holy Shit, the Mother Lode!

  2. Why waste money on over priced crap when you can simply go to Wallieworld or Target’ or the damned Goodwill store and buy all manner of inconspicuous articles of carry. And don’t forget needle&thread, kids.