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secure gear case by Thyrm
| September 25, 2019
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THYRM DarkVault is gear storage with optional signal blocking. GPS and Cellular signal blocking polymer construction offers 90+ dB (decibels) of signal reduction between 300 and 1500 MHz to block standard cell tower signals, GPS signals and more.

Thyrm Darkvault: a gear case for EDC and secure comms

secure gear case by Thyrm

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And Thyrm is a part of the Tactical Gear Buyers Club, remember!

Thyrm DarkVault and DarkVault-COMMS

We saw the initial prototype of the DarkVault during SHOT 2019 when we met up with Andrew to give him his banged patch. It was still in its infancy then and would be met with some interesting setbacks over the next many months. The idea was simply a protective case that stores your small electronics and shuts out the signal when closed. You would be surprised at what can be done to things like a cellphone when it is able to send and receive signals. The whole idea was so that you would no longer need to turn them off and on when you needed to use them. Just close or open the DarkVault and you are good to go.

Thyrm DarkVault Comms secure gear case.

The unit mounts to your chest, bag (like Andrew had it during the show) and any other play you have PALS webbing. The hinge has adjustable friction in order for it to function like a navboard or easy access to what your phone or electronic might be saying. The inside and the outside has female Velcro on it for ease of mounting items inside and for mounting id in the form of patches to the exterior.

As you can see, it’s built for field use — ATAK anyone?

secure gear case by Thyrm

It’s available in “non-tactical” options too — which is good if you’re always losing stuff like some people I work with.

Thyrm DarkVault signal-blocking case.


Thyrm DarkVault signal-blocking case (survival orange).

The waterproof nature of the case makes it good for keeping more than just electronics safe!

The DarkVault had some issues during the initial manufacturing process. The new material didn’t handle injection molding similarly to other materials and took quite a few revisions to get where it is at today. Not only this the material posed another potential hurdle that Andrew mentions below.

“As we were developing the material for the DarkVault, we started to get concerned that the case was falling under ITAR control as a ‘stealth technology’ based on language in the USML. Fortunately, we were able to work with an attorney and eventually got a letter from the Department of State verifying that we did not fall under ITAR with the current design and thus, would be able to sell the DarkVault without significant restrictions.”

secure gear case by Thyrm

That was a big deal and something that the Thyrm team wanted to get sorted ASAP. They have customers both military and civilian who are around the world and having the DarkVault become ITAR restricted would greatly decrease who they could sell to. That said, the DarkVault-Comms wouldn’t have fallen under these restrictions as it does not block signal the same way the regular DarkVault does.

DarkVault secure gear case by Thyrm

Here’s the official release from THYRM:

Thyrm is excited to announce the launch of their latest products; the DarkVault and DarkVault-Comms Critical Gear Cases. Developed with input from military and law enforcement customers, the cases provide battlefield-grade levels of protection while keeping gear immediately accessible for navigation and communication tasks. For many users who are constantly powering down their gear due to active counter-surveillance, the DarkVault case can provide isolation without constant power-cycling. DarkVault cases also provide isolation for field-acquired assets/evidence.

Featuring the same protection but without the signal-blocking, the DarkVault-Comms cases keep gear safe while allowing it to remain on-line.

DarkVault secure gear case by Thyrm

DarkVault & DarkVault-Comms Cases Feature:

  • Solid, battlefield-grade construction
  • Gasket seal to keep out water, dust, & dirt
  • Quick MOLLE attachment system for external and internal mounting options
  • Tunable hinge friction for on-body navigation and communication tasks
  • Accepts locks & tamper-evident devices to prevent access to internals & secures case to MOLLE.
  • Internal and external adhesive-backed loop Velcro® panels for ID and organization (included)

Thyrm DarkVault secure gear case.

DarkVault™ signal-blocking cases also feature:

  • GPS and Cellular signal blocking polymer construction. 90+ dB (decibels) of signal reduction between 300 and 1500 MHz to block standard cell tower signals, GPS signals and more.

As with all Thyrm products, the DV and DVC cases are designed and made in the USA.


Thyrm DarkVault secure gear case.

Thyrm DarkVault secure gear case.

Thyrm DarkVault secure gear case.


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    Other than very very low level local oscillator signals GPS receivers do not transmit and certainly not to satellites. A cellular telephone with GPS features may indeed transmit and of course an EPIB indeed transmits.


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