The Breach-Bang-Clear Tribe has many members — and an unmatched breadth of knowledge and experience. It includes representatives of every branch of service and several LE agencies, civilian specialists of unique background, bouncers from Nancy’s Squat’n’Gobble, and OGA and PSC personnel. There are also some we’re not sure how to describe, a couple who have to remain anonymous because of their job, and a few from OCONUS places like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Israel, Rhodesia (when it was still Rhodesia), Russia, South Africa, and Spain. (Note: due to their professional billet or current assignment, some of our contributors* must perforce use a nom-de-plume or pseudonym.)

Among those who tell our tales — execrable Minions, abject regular staff writers, and the occasional wretched guest contributor. We also occasionally hear from our Minions Emeritus.

“They selected and summoned worthy men of talent, in order to prepare themselves for any contingency.” Wu Ch’i c. 400 B.C.

Grunts: perforce.


Executive Editor: David Reeder

Senior Editor-at-Large: Chris Hernandez

Administrative Director: Jennifer Cunningham

Brand Manager & Assignments Editor: Patti Miller

Editor-at-Large: Ryan Houtekamer (Assignments, Foreign Desk)

Editor-at-Large: John Darwin* (Assignments, Special Projects)

Designated Simian Therianthrope1Mike Searson

Consulting Editor: Patrick Vuong


Patched Minions

Aaron Cowan
Alexander Crown
John Darwin*
Andrew Ha
Chris Hernandez
Ryan Houtekamer
Tim the Russian*
Bucky Lawson
Craig Metzger
Tom Marshall
Brian Montgomery
Peter Nealen
Joe Neuroth
Josh Orth
Freddy Osuna
David Reeder
Mike Searson
Jeremy Stafford
Matt Stagliano
Brad Walker
David Williams

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1Grunts: Therianthrope [in the classic, ancient Greek θηρίον (thēríon, “wild beast”) and ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos, “man”) sense]


Regular Staff Contributors

Daniel Barak*
Ashley Bunch
Stephanie Guenther
Tamara Keel
Sara Liberte
Frankie McRae
Russell Phagan
Jared Ross

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Guest Contributors

Brent “Magic Mike” Brabant

Sean “Groz” Burke
Jake Bush
Erin Colleen
Erik Dewey
Patrick DuFriend
Mike Durand

Sharon Durand

Aaron Haskins
Megan Holly
Mike Kupari
Cassandra Merrill
Nico the Sicilian

Anthony Winegar
Greg Wong

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Minions Emeritus 

A Minion Emeritus is someone (well, not just someone, but a Minion) who worked with us at one time but has since moved on to other endeavors, as you can read below by hitting the image of these stalwart former tribesmen.

Grunts: Emeritus

Dave “DFM” Merrill