The Threat of Terrorism to Islam Itself

| December 20, 2017
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Wise Words From an American Muslim Combat Vet

Terrorism is a Bigger Threat to Islam Than Any Other Religion

Chris Hernandez – this article originally ran on Wednesday, December 9th, 2015 (Original comment threat remains below.)

When I was in Afghanistan I met a local national interpreter named Obaid. He was only twenty-one, but had already worked alongside American troops for years and was highly respected for his bravery and experience. When I rolled into the Battle of the Alasai Valley in March 2009, he was in my humvee. He was later wounded by an IED that hit his MRAP. He kept working as a translator after being injured, and eventually, last year, came to the U.S. on the special program for interpreters. He’s now an American citizen (and more importantly, a fellow Texan). He’s been a guest in my home, and we stay in contact by phone and Facebook.

And by the way, he’s a proud Muslim.

A few days ago he posted something on Facebook that caught my attention. I thought it was extremely wise, and amazingly brave. I asked his permission to share it. He wants everyone to read it.

I’ve edited it for grammar and clarity since English isn’t Obaid’s first language, but the words and thoughts are his alone. Please read, and understand, and share.


Editor’s Note – since this was first published, Obaid has enlisted in the Marine Corps and completed SOI – and he’s not the only member of his family to now serve in the US military, either. Rah. 

Terrorism is a Bigger Threat to Islam Than Any Other Religion

Let me make somethings clear to my fellow Muslims.

Believe it or not, terrorism and some mosques are connected. I have seen it with my own two eyes and I am sure those who lived in the Middle East, Afghanistan or Pakistan have also witnessed it. Muslim extremist clergies preach to kill non Muslims, spread the religion by the sword, and promote rebellion. Most Muslims who have never been exposed to such things will deny it. Some will deny it despite knowing it’s true, but because it is coming from a non-Muslim they think acknowledging it will make them and Islam look bad or sound barbaric. But denying the truth isn’t how you make Islam or yourself look good.


Let’s set aside our egos and acknowledge the facts that the number of Islamic terrorists are much higher than that of other religions. There are many Muslims and mosques who promote violence and are actively involved in terrorism.

Terrorism is a bigger threat to Islam than any other religion. The number of Muslims killed by terrorism is extremely high. By denying facts you are not doing anything good, and you’re also allowing the terrorists to exist longer!

Acknowledge and take action if you really want to show that Islam is about peace and not violence. If you know a place where hatred and intolerance are being preached or if you know people involved in such activities, report them. By reporting them, you are not endangering innocents. You’re saving them!”

-Obaid, American Muslim and former Afghan translator, December 7th 2015

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  1. USMC Mark

    would it not be best to stay and try to help your own country become a better place. I believe they are waiting to gain critical mass via immigration, and birthrates. once they have the right numbers, stand by for the action. i hope you muslim supporters are ready to enjoy sharia law…

  2. mac

    I’ve worked with Muslims overseas. Some of them were nice people. Doesn’t matter. They have absolutely no place in American society until they renounce their religion, which is really not a religion but a pernicious polical philosophy claiming to be a religion. Islam in any of its variants is completely and irrevocably antithetical to the Constitution of the United States of America, and honest Muslims will admit this. There should not be one mosque or one imam/mullah in the entire United States.

  3. MMinLamesa

    I fear I’m treading into an AO that I have no experience yet I’m going to open my fat trap and talk shit.

    You men have the time with moslims in combat, I don’t. This man sounds like a great man who put his life on the line for you. He probably is the exception. That’s wonderful but I still have a hard time welcoming him here.

    In his statement above there are problems. He says, “…terrorism and some mosques are connected.” In fact the FBI recently released a report stating 90% of mosques in this country are connected in some way with terrorism. And if they’re saying 90%, what do you think that number really is?

    Second, he says, “… the facts that the number of Islamic terrorists are much higher than that of other religions.” Wow, is that an understatement or what? I mean, could he downplay the fact any more that almost 100% of the religious strife(and I for one DO NOT deem Islam a religion) in the world today is because of Islamic terrorists?

    Finally this, “Acknowledge and take action if you really want to show that Islam is about peace and not violence.” Yet our own moslim friendly government recently said that there has been zero cooperation with moslims in helping to unearth terrorist plots here.

    I just don’t know how even a moslim can make the statement that Islam is about peace when we have a 1400 year old track record showing Islam is about conquest, death, taqiyya, and submission. Is he delusional?

    Are you?

    Sharia is simply not compatible with our rule of law. Islam is not compatible with western culture. It’s a big world. There is absolutely no need for moslims to emigrate here. None.


    • Juan

      Well said.

  4. JESullivan

    I am happy that your terp made it out of A’stan to Texas. I often think of my Tiger Scouts left to fend for themselves in Nam… damn shame! Just finished your book and enjoyed the read very much. Y’all Texas boys should be proud!! Well done brother…

    • Mad Duo Chris

      Obaid and I thank you, sir. Both for the compliments and for your service.


  5. Bill

    How many interpreters are still waiting for their visa? The US has had a pretty good track record of screwing our friends.

  6. Yan

    This guy is indeed one of the best people around. It is worth noting that he is a muslim American refugee from the middle east…

  7. Echo

    I had an interpreter on my ODA. He was less an interpreter and more a team guy as he had been working with ODAs since the start of OIF. He was wounded several times but as an LN really had no where else to work. His father and brother would be killed as a result of him working for us. He now also a fellow Texan and U.S. citizen. He is a Muslim and will tell you that Muslims need to handle up. Thanks to all the interpreters that served, without you we would have had to use that stuff we were taught in language school and would probably be dead.

  8. Billy

    Obaid…as I am sure you have learned, we like to call America the “land of the free and home of the brave”. A very fitting place for you to now call home!

    I am very proud to call you a fellow American!


  9. toby montoya

    Obaid, was my terp, my friend and brother, I am Retired Infantryman, him and I were wounded in the same IED blast. I trust him with my life. What he said is on point. Obaid I’m proud of you brother.

    • Mad Duo Chris


      Glad to hear you’re doing alright. I remember when you and Obaid were hit, that was a bad day.

  10. Scott

    Obaid is more American than many “Americans” I know.

    He’s right on point. Only Islam can fix Islam. Until they speak out against it and actually TAKE ACTION to do something about it, moderates are only enablers.

  11. SFC William Ramsey

    Obaid is an amazing and heroic person. One I am honored to call my fellow american. We need mor American Muslims to speak out like he has don.

  12. scruff

    A brave man that more than earned his citizenship, welcome to the U.S.

    • Frank Karl

      Well said. I too say welcome to America, Obaid!


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