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dallas lloyd
December 26, 2018  
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This article originally ran in December of 2014.

Great jumpin’ dogshit.

What the fuck are we seeing here?

How to fight around a vehicle - Premiere Tactical Group

No, this isn’t satire. Nor is it intended to be funny (though it succeeds at that remarkably).

You know, the firearms industry often eats its own. There’s lots of internecine fighting and mockery, hatin’, shit-talkin’…that’s not good for any of us, mostly. Sometimes, though, sometimes you see something that leave you wanting to gouge your eyes out with a fork. We’re not going to make a comparison that would be unfair to people with the wrong number of chromosomes, but we will strongly recommend you avoid training with anyone who obviously ingests large numbers of crayons. Do Crimson Trace and Atlantic Marksman know “Premiere Tactical Group” is dropping names?

Grunts: Vet (#2 of the first definition) and internecine

How to fight around a vehicle - Premiere Tactical Group 2

There is one thing you can take away from this – at the very end he says, “Get to the range. Train as much as you can, make sure you can do these shots.” We’ll go back and look at some of his other videos later. Who knows, maybe there’s some redeeming value in the other ones. We want to give anyone whose heart is in the right place the benefit of the doubt – as long as they don’t get someone killed.

The good news is if you watch this enough times you too will be able to “…put enough targets on round” and you’ll qualify for a free padded helmet with matching clown shoes from the NRA.

SureFire should put this guy in one of their Field Notes videos, we need to get this information out to everyone ASAP.

tactical gear for kids
Tactical gear for tactical kids…

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  1. CombatMissionary

    Wow. I think next week I’m going to start training for the Gun Kata! Blindfolded! In a cloud of tear gas! Because we all know that getting out of the kill zone is for pansies!

  2. Jake

    It’s probably better they got taken down, someone’s going to get themselves hurt if they listen to this guy or think his classes are legit. I’m curious to know if any of the big names on his website actually sponsor him.

  3. Jake

    I made sure to tweet him that there was a great article written about him with a link here haha. His “train because bad guys suck” motto is hilarious too. I watched a few of the other videos he had up after I found this one a couple days ago, they were all equally ridiculous. Looks like they’re all gone now though..

  4. JC

    High speed low drag shit right there!! Never miss an opportunity to drop a sucky bad guy with an inverted shot.

  5. Scott Bush

    The video has been removed….ya got another link???

  6. Steve

    I posted this clip on FB earlier this morning and its of Dallas Lloyd at Premier Tactical Group who shows you what NOT to do. At the 23:11 mark of the video (see included clip) he offers a ‘solution’ and here is my 2 cents.

    NEVER let go of your gun, it makes you combat ineffective! NEVER do the stupid ninja rolls because it takes your eyes off the threat/s who can shoot you while you roll &/or flank you, and NEVER get back into a confined space that limits your actions (being able to use the vehicle for cover & concealment is much more preferred).

    Instead of getting out of the vehicle and back in it, which severely limits your actions as your laying on the floor between the seats, you can use it also to shield your movements to cover, concealment or retreat to a safe location. Staying in the vehicle limits your options and THAT can get you killed.

    A better solution is to shoot through the windshield, cause the threat/s to react, then take the time to exit the vehicle to either disengage to safety, cover, concealment &/or flank them.

    Some people might be awed by the range and all the ‘stuff’ you have but you missed the mark on this one. This is an example of what happens when you run out of good instruction and resort to making crap up.

    P.S. As I said earlier, I posted this earlier on FB and I have already gotten messages from folks who think this is a viable tactical plan.

    So let me explain why this is not…

    Actions always speak louder than words. The context is not what Dallas says, its about the armed situation thats presented. I can come up with lots of canned scenarios where I will ALWAYS win if I get to dictate what the threat can or cannot do – but this is not based on reality. Armed scenarios are dynamic and ever changing.

    There is no reason to confine/imprison yourself again in a vehicle like that. What is really happening here? Its simple – it involves time. As he enters the vehicle again he takes his eyes off the threat for how many seconds? How much time is he wasting?

    Its almost 10 seconds of time that the threat/s have to advance, flank and/or move from their position to attack again. In 10 seconds what can that threat do? How much ground can the threat cover? In that amount of time what plan can the enemy come up with?

    Consider the Tueller drill – in about 1.5 seconds a threat can cover about 21 feet. So in 10 seconds a threat can go about 140 feet (10 divided by 1.5 = 6.66, so 6.66 multiplied by 21 feet = about 140 feet).

    What if during that 10 seconds the threat flanks right and comes up behind you? Suddenly your screwed and your getting multiple lead enemas and thats not good. IOW by following a plan that will only work if the threat does NOT move is ok but when you throw reality into the mix, it sucks big time. This is the stuff that could get people killed.

    Yea leaving the vehicle, taking your eyes off the threat for 10 seconds and allowing them to do whatever is NOT a good idea.

  7. Holes

    Video spontaneously combusted. What did I miss?

  8. TardsWhoDontUnderstandJokes

    I think it’s fairly obvious this video was intended as a fuckin’ joke.

    Get the sand out of your vaginas and learn to not take everything so fuckin’ seriously.

    • Mad Duo

      Actually, it wasn’t intended as a joke. We know guys PERSONALLY who can attest that he is actually trying to teach shit – also, about the e-mail address that you supplied, you misspelled “moron” you fucking moron. It’s not “Moran”. Here’s a helpful link: http://www.dictionary.com. Yours very truly, the Mad Duo

    • PWill

      Those that teach shooting and tactics can clearly see this was no joke. This clip was part of an “episode” of his show.

  9. Justin

    Ohhh No!!!! They took it down! Someone must have downloaded this classic tactical ninja gun training instructional video. I am not done showing it off yet, have more hearts and minds to share it with. Anyone get it downloaded first? Please share!!!!

  10. Patrick

    Evidently, he has removed the video. Too bad, I needed laugh today.

  11. William Green

    “This video has been removed by the author”

    Aw, man. I could have used a chuckle.

  12. Stowbilly

    I got to the party too late. They took the video down.

  13. nestor

    Ok who pay this guy to do something that dumb. Big vehicle is just like a tank use the vehicle as your primary weapon and you gun as your secondary. Too easy Hoo-hah

  14. nathan

    How about throw it in reverse or punch it, why tthe ____ would you exit the 4000lb weapon that is providing you with a 80mph retreat and concealment?

  15. Malakie

    I am… speechless.. had my military range master and tactical trainer seen me do this, he would have shot me on the spot!

  16. Joe

    No! No! No! That’s x3

    1- took too much time opening doors to position self.

    2- place self in a place where movement is limited.

    3- let go of your firearm.

    I’m not a pro but I can spot errors too. Ty!

  17. Ryan

    Why not just drive through it, what we would have done in Iraq if we hit a ambush. We did stop and dismount. We drove thru it shooting at everything. He never said anything about his truck being disabled so why stop? Especially with just a pistol.

  18. Kevin

    My biggest takeaway is that I need to make sure I have bulletproof doors on my cars, otherwise I’m not sure this will work…

  19. Chris

    Wow, this looks like the beginning to one of those “i was so wasted and…” stories..

  20. Erik

    So he got out of the clean side of the vehicle, then returned into the back of the vehicle, and engaged upside down from the dirty side. Then put his weapon on the ground and did a mofo ninja-flip. This is legit stuff right here, totally bringing this one to the flat range.

  21. Me

    Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat! Nothin’ makes more sense then opening the door while receiving fire from the side in some weirdo crossfire situation. He evacuated the front to re-evacuate the back super megaforce ninja style! His choice of words are spot on too!

  22. ScottLC

    He’s driving a damn Toyota “full size”. What more did you need to see?

  23. chefjon

    Holy shit. That just made me Jean-luc facepalm my Forrest Whitaker eye.

    • ArmedNerd

      You win the interweb! LOL!

  24. chris pollock

    What a fantastical asshat facsimile of an elite operator-like firearms instructor. Now ‘member kids, get those targets on round and fingers off Fire til ready to trigger.

    Happy Hunting

  25. James

    If your physical fitness it such that the weight of your ammo could dictate whether or not you make it through the day, then I think you have bigger problems.

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