Military vs. Civilian: the Truth About Fairy Tales

Sexy cosplay Jasmine by Lisa Lou Who
| December 28, 2018
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These have been floating around the interwebz lately. We can’t take credit for them, not sure where they came from, don’t even find all of them funny (though anyone who has deployed to the Philippines will be familiar with at least one).  Still, there’s a harsh kernel of truth to all of them. This isn’t an in-depth op-ed or one of our deeply meaningful pontifications. We just thought it was a (little) funny. And besides — it gave us an excuse to post pictures of hawt cosplay chicks with great bewbs.

Like Princess Jasmine (Lisa Lou Who cosplay) you see above, or this incarnation of Elsa:

Jessica Nigri as Elsa

Jessica Nigri as Elsa she’s smokin’ by any standards, but she also makes a bunch of her own mind-blowing costumes.

Plus, bewbs.


Bouncing boobs gif

These boobs are bouncing. Get it?!

Here, in no particular order, is

Sexy Cosplay

Helping us tell the truth about fairy tales

The Truth About Fairy Tales 1

Fairy Tales



The Truth About Fairy Tales 4

Lisa Lou Who as the Little Mermaid

Lisa Lou Who makes a great Little Mermaid…but it needs moar cleavage.

The Truth About Fairy Tales 2

Seriously. All you need to do is show him your boobs.

The Truth About Fairy Tales 3

The Truth About Fairy Tales 5

Lisa Katz as Princess Peach (sexy cosplay)

Liz Katz as Princess Peach. Whoever the hell that is.


Some of the truth behind the military version of these fairy tales would make for a wondrous drinking story.

The Truth About Fairy Tales 7

Okay. Some of you would like something a little more like what you watch like deployed when it comes to your Disney. How about Samantha Saint (@samantha_saint – she’s pro-military) as Cinderella?

Adult film star Samantha Saint as Cinderella

Adult film star Samantha Saint as Cinderella.


Samantha Saint in Cinderella XXX

Her wicked stepsisters are about to have their wicked way with her.

As you can see her wicked stepsisters are about to have their wicked way with her.

Which brings us to the wicked witch…


We kinda like the idea of green boobs.

But we digress.

The Truth About Fairy Tales 6

There you have it. And now another look at Jasmine. Why? It’s our site. You don’t like who we think is hawt, go start your own.


Lisa Lou Who in a sexy cosplay outfit

Military vs. civilian…we don’t care which side of the fence you’re working, this fairy tale princess is gorgeous.

You guys probably have some ideas about the truth of fairy tales – let’s hear it in the comments below!


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  1. Silence DoGood

    Civilians tell Fairy Tails. Military tell War Stories.

    What’s the difference?

    Fairy Tales always start with, “Once upon a time, ….”

    War Stories always start with, “Now ain’t gonna believe this shit, ….”

  2. Don King

    Liz Katz was a former porn star. Google Risi Simms. You’re welcome.



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