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Acuto Concepts is a veteran-owned business based in Minnesota that provides self-defense instruction to thinking citizens. In addition to its lineup of classes, Acuto Training Concepts offers Minnesota Permit to Carry.

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Acuto Concepts Background

Acuto Training Concepts is named for Sir John Hawkwood, a condottiere of 14th-century Italy. Hawkwood’s career took him to Italy with the free companies; there, he was called Old Fox or Acuto by the Italians. The latter translates as “sharp” or “clever.”

Both of these sobriquets recognized that his success on the battlefield came not from his skill at arms, which was certainly considerable but no more so than that of many other warriors of the day.  Instead, what made him one of the greatest generals of his age was his ability to outthink his enemies and defeat them before the battle ever began, or even without engaging in battle at all.

Grunts: sobriquet.

Sir John Hawkwood

The company takes its name from Sir John Hawkwood’s sobriquet in 14th-century Italy.

Instructional Ethos

That principle underlies the Acuto Training Concepts philosophy, which is simple: avoid conflict wherever possible, but when it is unavoidable, dominate the fight and bring it to a rapid, victorious conclusion through prior planning, superior skill, and aggressive action.

This is why Acuto Concepts Permit to Carry courses do more than check the requisite boxes under MN law, but rather emphasize thoughtfulness and conflict avoidance.

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Aaron Haskins of Acuto Concepts demonstrating good concealed carry technique while dressed for a formal occasion.

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Risk management principles and the firearm | no such thing as “safe”

Risk management principles and the firearm | no such thing as “safe”

The Four Safety Rules are a remarkably effective system of layered risk management strategies.  But they aren’t the only strategies we have available, and in many activities, they simply aren’t enough.  Which of the Four Safety Rules prevents a piece of t-shirt or old worn-out leather (or hybrid) holster getting caught in a trigger guard and pressing the trigger during reholstering?  Which of the Four Safety Rules prevents a piece of shrapnel from bouncing off a target back into a shooter’s eyes at the range?  The Four Safety Rules are great for reducing the risk associated with unintentionally pressing the trigger with your finger, and the Second Rule is a great mitigation for almost any type of unintentional discharge.  But there are many other risks associated with operating a firearm, and we need to manage those risks, too.

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