Surefire Stiletto Review

The Surefire Stiletto has proven to be one of the most popular EDC (Every Day Carry) lights the company has produced to date. Not from a “tactical” perspective in the classic sense, but as a true everyday carry light in the “task light” sense.

SureFire Lights - for professional or blue collar tactical and EDC use
SureFire | For professional, “blue collar tactical,” or everyday use. Support Breach-Bang-Clear by supporting SureFire! 

The Stiletto debuted late last year. Several reviews have been done by various outlets and “influencers”, some done well (and academically), some not to much. Military Morons recently published a look at the rechargeable, variable-power light, and as with most any reviews published there, it is very well done. Other quick hit opinions can be found below that.

SureFire Stiletto review
The SureFire Stiletto – definitely a contender for best EDC light.


Surefire Stiletto Review

Military Morons – ineffably thorough

This MM article is republished here with the permission of the author and MM, the originating site.

Two of the latest flashlights from SureFire LLC are the Stiletto and DBR Guardian, which deviate from the usual tubular format. The Stiletto is a slim pocket light, designed to be carried comfortably in a pocket all day, while the DBR Guardian is a dual beam light that’s aimed at outdoor use with its longer reach. Both are rechargeable.

[Note: more on the DBR Guardian later.]

SureFire Stiletto – Multi-Purpose, Rechargeable, Pocket LED Light

The Stiletto is a multi-purpose rechargeable pocket LED flashlight designed for every day carry. Rather than the conventional round flashlight shape, the Stiletto has a flatter (but wider) profile making it less obtrusive in a pocket. It’s a rechargeable-only light, with an integral battery that’s charged via a USB port. It has a primary rubberized switch on top and a ‘tactical’ switch on the end/bottom. A ‘Fuel Gauge’ LED indicator light displays the battery status (when the light is being used) and is also used when changing modes. The 12mm reflector is housed in an aluminum head which also serves as a heatsink to dissipate heat.

Key Features of the Stiletto:

• High-performance LED with MaxVision Beam 12mm reflector projects a wide flood beam
• The primary switch activates high/medium/low outputs
• Tactical switch (in the rear) activates high output and optional strobe
• Programming switch unlocks activation sequences to choose between tactical and/or task illumination preferences
• Integrated Micro-USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery (non-removable). Recharges in about 3 hours
• LED ‘Fuel Gauge’ for tracking battery charge/discharge status, and changing modes
• Melonite coated spring steel pocket clip for bezel-up carry
• Peak beam intensity – 1530 candela
• Max usable distance – 78 meters/255 ft
• Weight 2.8 oz
• Length 4.45″, bezel diameter 0.8″, max width 1.6″, max thickness 0.8″ (at the bezel); 1″ including the pocket clip
• Body material aluminum/polymer
• Finish – black
• IPX7 water rating (Depth of 1m for 30 minutes)

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons

Included in the box:

• Stiletto flashlight with a pocket clip
• User Manual
• USB charging cable

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons



Advertised output and run times are as follows (on full battery charge):

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons

The Stiletto comes in a blister pack, with the light’s relevant information and specs printed on it. Included is a mini-USB charging cable and user manual/sheet.

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Operating modes

The Stiletto has two switches; the Primary switch on the top of the body, and the Tactical Switch at the end (for use with an ice-pick hold). Each of the switches can be programmed with two different modes.

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons

With the Primary Switch, depending on which Mode it’s in, it will cycle through Low-Med-High-off or High-Med-Low-off in a repeating cycle if the Primary Switch is repeatedly pressed within two seconds. If the Primary Switch has not been pressed within two seconds, the next press will turn it off. It does not remember the last output level and will start the cycle over.

For the Tactical Switch, in Mode 1, press and hold the switch for High mode; release to turn off. Press the switch more than 3 times in rapid succession and hold down on the 3rd press to activate strobe mode. Release the switch to turn it off.

Switching between modes for either the Primary or Tactical switches is accomplished with the Programming Switch to the left of the Primary Switch:

Press and hold the Programming switch. After two to five seconds, the Fuel Gauge LED will illluminate blue. Keep holding the programming switch down and Immediately press and release either the Primary or Tactical switch while the light is blue. The Fuel gauge will blink green three times to indicate mode change success or red to indicate an error.
Personally, I prefer Mode 1 for the Primary Switch and Mode 2 for the Tactical Switch as I’d rather the light turn on in low level instead of high.

When the light is in use or while charging, the Fuel Gauge LED will indicate the following:

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons



The Stiletto is specifically designed as a pocket light, with its spring clip and lack of lanyard provisions. It’s pretty unobtrusive in the pocket; but not quite as dimunitive as some of the single CR123 lights available on the market because of its length. Its length, however, does make it easier to hold in the hand than the smaller round flashlights, so there’s a trade-off there. The top button locations are intuitive, and easily found by feel. I found the tactical switch at the bottom slightly less ergonomic to activate, because the body is tapered such that pushing on the tactical switch is pushing the light out of your hand unless you grip it firmly. It would feel more natural were the taper be reversed with the thicker end at the back, but I understand why it’s designed the way it is since the reflector is at the front and the taper is meant to reduce bulk. The tactical switch protrudes a bit past the ‘protectors’ at the end, so the light doesn’t stand on its end. The Stiletto is light enough to clip to the brim of a hat, and makes for a good headlamp in that configuration.

Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


Surefire Stiletto Review - from Military Morons


SureFire LLC lights and weapon lights.

SureFire Stilettos at Big Daddy Unlimited
Lots and lots of Surefire Stilettos at Big Daddy Unlimited


SureFire Stiletto review
SureFire Stiletto stages of charge, from a post by James Yeager of Tactical Response.



Jeff Gonzalez – TRICON


SureFire Stiletto - an opinion from Jeff Gonzalez of Trident Concepts
Jeff Gonzalez, Trident Concepts

I am loving my SUreFire stiletto. It has become my favorite every day carry flashlight. Seeing it’s utility in a recent Low Light Pistol class only solidified my belief. I’ve been running mine on the original charge even after the class. Between all of its features, the intensity, and my favorite, it’s the shape I’m damn happy. If you are not working on your low light game you are wrong.


David Merrill


SureFire Stiletto - David Merrill
SureFire Stiletto – an opinion from Dave Merrill, RECOIL Magazine and Breach-Bang-Clear Minion Emeritus.

“The Stiletto is the best damn pocket light SureFire has ever made. Even the EDCL1-T seems like a fat bastard in a pocket now.”


Zulu Down Tactical


SureFire Stiletto Review - an opinion from Zulu Down Tactical

I have been using this @surefire_llc Stiletto for over 2 weeks. I have carried every day on and off duty. This light has assisted me with serving search warrants/searching crime scenes, to changing my truck’s bad battery to random household chores. I love this light. The tactical switch at the back of the light produces a blinding 650 lumens… which is great for using the light in conjunction with a firearm. The primary switch on the side of the light lets you select 5, 250 and 650 lumens which is great for everyday illumination. What’s most impressive about this light? I haven’t charged it once since I got it and it’s still going strong…Highly recommend this little beast!



Surefire Stiletto
Surefire Stiletto from @stylemetactical.


Surefire Stiletto review
An array of Surefire light by Jeremy Cavaille.



Surefire Stiletto from Popular Airsoft.
Surefire Stiletto from Popular Airsoft.


A Surefire Stiletto in with an evening hotel EDC dump from Primary & Secondary (@primaryandsecondary).
A Surefire Stiletto in with an evening hotel EDC dump from Primary & Secondary (@primaryandsecondary).

The Surefire Stiletto is certainly much more than a task light or junk drawer weapon light. Give it a look if you’re in the market for a task light.

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