SOG Knives Unveils the Pillar

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January 20, 2017  
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SOG Knives Unveils the Pillar

Mike the Mook

Sometimes a fixed blade is a lot more useful and handy than even the best custom folding knife. This is most often true when you’re working in the field and one hand is occupied. No, this isn’t a Fleshlight article; we’re talking about when you might be climbing or riding and don’t want to get thrown ass-over-teakettle while fiddle-fucking with a folding knife. Just like our ancestors have done for thousands of years, you should reach down, grab your knife, remove it from the sheath and cut, stab, slash, etc., instead of drawing and unfolding. We found a great “draw and stab” mid-sized fixed blade in the SOG Pillar.

There was a time when we LOVED anything made by SOG knives. In the 80s and 90s they made some badass blades we couldn’t get enough of, like the Bowie, Pentagon, Tomcat, Desert Dagger, and Trident. It seemed like each design called to us. The construction, design and craftsmanship from Seki City, Japan never let us down. But the turn of the 21st Century seemed like the last time anything SOG did actually impressed us, as they focused on multi-tools and assisted openers.

Things started swinging back a few years ago, and we were found many of SOG’s new designs to be not only well-built, but quite useful. Still, we hungered for those thrilling blades of yesteryear. In September of 2016, we saw them come full-circle with the Pillar.


We used the Pillar as part of our Trails Found 2016 load-out and have been using it ever since. It has a 5″ Clip point blade made of S35VN steel, wickedly sharp from the box with an almost zero bevel grind. We found it fast in the hand and capable of tackling all cutting chores, far beyond slicing cardboard and opening mail. We’ve used the Pillar as a steak knife, vegetable chopper and on more than one occasion as a prybar.


The handles are made of black canvas Micarta for a sure grip in every situation, and the lanyard hole is big enough to let you get an actual piece of para-cord through without fraying, wetting, lubing or otherwise forcing the cord through. We typically hate Kydex for sheaths, but the Pillar has one of the best we’ve seen. It includes numerous attachment points if you roll with MOLLE, paracord, etc., or their own belt-locking device which works just fine.

Sheathed SOG pillar knife

SOG Pillar Tek-Lok

The Pillar’s CPM S35V and canvas Micarta are staples of the custom knife world, and we love seeing these materials put to good use in a factory piece. More importantly, the Pillar had us take a look at some other models by SOG; we think the company is most definitely heading in the right direction with regard to design and materials. Best of all the Pillar, like many other new models, is 100% made in the USA.


  • Overall Length     9.9″
  • Blade Length     5″
  • Blade Thickness     0.16″
  • Weight     7.3 oz
  • Blade Steel Type     S35VN
  • Blade Shape     Clip Point
  • Handle Material     Canvas Micarta
  • Handle Color     Black
  • Hardness     Rc. 59-61

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The Pillar’s MSRP is $254, but we’ve seen them in the $175 range with free shipping in a few places. If you’re a knife guy, you should strongly consider buying one. Because we know it’s better to draw and stab, than to draw, fiddle-fuck unfolding, and get stabbed.


Read more about it here

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Mike Searson

Mike Searson

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