She's a Badass AND a CEO

| May 10, 2015
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We have badass sponsors, and behind every badass sponsor is an intrepid leader (and often a badass friend). The story below encapsulates that fact. Trusting our newest minion to go forth and conquer, we recently sent Candice to the 2015 Prois Ladies Turkey Hunt. While Candice failed us on the first night, she was honored to see the awe-inspiring CEO of Propper International, Amy Coyne, in action (and she did eventually come through). There’s a reason we like the direction Propper is going and Amy is perhaps the single biggest (though admittedly not the only) reason why. Admittedly, we’re biased. We like the hell out Ms. Coyne.

What’s not to like about a hawt lady who is actually a lady, knows her way around guns, enjoys privation, goes balls deep with her business and loves the charred flesh of something she killed herself?

Read on to hear Candice’s first-hand account of Amy taking down a hog at 700 Springs Ranch during a recent hunting event through Genesis Safaris.

Grunts: privation.

Mad Duo


She’s Badass and a CEO

Mad Duo Candice

I met Amy Coyne, CEO of Propper, while waiting for our connecting flight to an all-female Prois Turkey Hunt through Genesis Safaris, hosted at 700 Springs Ranch. We were the last of eight women to arrive to the ranch; everyone else was decked out in Prois hunting apparel and headed out to hunt turkeys. Amy and I met our guide then rushed to get our shotguns and gear ready. Now to the real story…

There I was, sitting on the ground trying to not get cactus needles embedded in any delicate parts, when a turkey comes strutting along from the far left side of the field. Our guide continued with the turkey calls, but our turkey kept going with not as much as a gobble back. Amy was about ten feet to my left, and the turkey would have been her shot if he had come closer. Since I had never been hunting, I was continuously getting my creep on to see what Amy was up to over there. She was always ready for her chance, alert with her shotgun up.

After the two-hour mark I gave up hope that we’d see anything else, so I commenced to push over the encroaching cactuses. I may have touched a few spurs cause I wanted to know what it felt like. Side note- if you’ve never been around cactuses before, there are little needles you can’t see. So if you decide to grab a smooth piece, a minuscule spur will find its way under your skin. Trust me.


Awaiting a shot…

While I was warding off gnats and ants, I heard whispering to my left. I look up to see five pigs directly in front of us. And, we didn’t even have our rifles!  The guide said, “If they get close enough, shoot them in the head.”  Amy and I gave a nod of understanding. The pigs did their piggy thing while steadily coming closer for about thirty minutes. My boredom kicked in and I went back to shooing away ants. I looked up to see Amy low crawling away, shotgun in tow, toward the pigs. The guide motioned me to do the same.

I didn’t move. I didn’t want it bad enough. Amy was sneaking over rocks and cactuses in order to get a better shot. I thought to myself, “Holy crap, there’s no way this is going to work out. She’s going to have to get so close.” Then she took the shot.

Amy fired her 12-gauge shotgun with 5-shot turkey load at a pig from about fifty yards away – that’s five zero. And she freaking hit him!!!!! Who does that?! What had I just witnessed? Amy was the first to get a kill on the 4-day hunt. She ended up getting the meat processed into sausage.  And, that wasn’t even the most impressive shot Amy took- but more about that later.


Some people just wait for life to happen, and then there are the opportunistic ones who see what they want and take their shot at success. No wonder Amy is a young CEO of a huge, established company. She’s not intimidated by a calculated risk. She is confident and strong-willed.


I learned more about Amy’s character in the ten minutes it took her to crawl and shoot the pig than I could’ve learned in ten years otherwise.


More on the hunt to follow.

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Start your caviling and contravening because yes, Candice Horner is AFM. That is: Another Fucking Marine (we swear that if we put two or more of them in a room it becomes all Oorah-Chesty-Puller-Port Hole-Hathcock-Ladderwell, but fortunately we have a Klingon translator). A prior federal LEO and current Registered Nurse, Candice brings special skills to the table our current minions don’t, such as the ability to properly ensconce an IV after a long night of drinking (some of our minions are CLS trained, but that usually equates to missing the stick 14 times before giving up). Like any good Marine NCO, she can spit shine boots better than a seasoned fluffer can suck, roll sleeves tight enough to make a tourniquet envious, and yell loud enough to bring a grown man to tears. Candice is an enthusiastic hunter, outdoorsman (outdoorswoman?), writer (writress?), and accomplished competitive shooter.

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