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October 25, 2023  
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I’ll admit that I was late getting into the Salomon brand for footwear. A lot of my friends in the industry, Law Enforcement, and Military communities have worn them for years and the overall consensus was very positive. I decided to try a pair for myself in 2020 during the Covid Epidemic. I was on the US Elite Gear website and found a pair of Salomon XA Pros on clearance. Once they came in, I started to understand for myself how great they are, almost immediately. This was my first experience with their Quicklace system and I think it’s awesome. The XA Pros took a few days to break in, they are solid and comfortable to wear. I started to wear them for work soon after and they are still my work shoes right now, over two years later. My feet rarely hurt, even after 12-hour shifts with all of my gear on.

The Salomon Speed Assault 2's standing up

Salomon Forces are known by many for being a lightweight and comfortable shoe to fit any kind of occasion.

US Elite Gear sent me a pair of the latest offering from Salomon Forces, the new Speed Assault 2. They came in this week and I have been wearing them every day since. The Speed Assault 2’s came in Wolf Grey and Black. Getting them out of the box, I can feel how light they were, they might be some of the lightest if not, the lightest pair of shoes I’ve had so far. They weigh 11.29 ounces per shoe, and the materials used are anti-debris mesh, Lycra, ripstop fabric, single-layer mesh, and non-reflective materials. They feature Ortholite insoles, Energy Cell high-performance EVA foam, and the outsole is made of what they call Contragrip rubber compound system in a chevron lug pattern. The lace pocket is positioned at the top of the tongue, which is by far my favorite placement in any shoe to date. To me, they look very aggressively grippy.

The Salomon Speed Assault 2's laying down on their side

The Salomon Speed Assault 2’s are designed for speed and comfort while also maintaining an aggressive grip.

The Speed Assault 2 is meant for comfort, speed, and agility in warm or wet conditions. The materials feel soft and stretchy overall, which made the break-in period almost non-existent. I took them on a two-mile walk immediately after opening the box and I felt that they broke in nicely during the walk. They are very comfortable to walk in or stand on all day, thanks to the Ortholite insoles, Energy Cell foam, and the outsoles, I’m sure. The Chevron lugs provide grip, but they also have a noticeable sound with every step I take. It’s not very loud or annoying to me, just something I noticed. With that said, the Speed Assault 2’s are extremely comfortable shoes and provide a good amount of cushion on your feet. They also breathe well and my feet don’t feel like they’re suffocating in them. 

The Salomon Speed Assault 2's laying down and upside down

The Salomon Speed Assault 2’s are made for any warm or wet conditions while being lightweight for maximum comfort.

Although I tested them at work, I would not recommend them for serious Law Enforcement Duty use. They are too soft up top to provide any protection. The Speed Assault 2 is perfect for daily wear, walking, hiking, and training activities. They have other color options available, Black and Earth Brown; however, the other colors are not quite in stock yet at US Elite Gear and probably will be soon. I like the Wolf Grey as they blend in well as an everyday shoe that doesn’t look too tactical. If you’re looking for lightweight and grippy shoes, the Salomon Speed Assault 2 will not disappoint! 

A photo of the Salomon Speed Assault 2's standing up

While the Salomon Speed Assault 2’s are designed to be a tactical shoe, they blend in with any kind of crowd without looking overly tactical.

Check them out at 

A photo of the Salomon Speed Assault 2's stacked on top of each other

The Salomon Speed Assault 2 are built to be an every day shoe that can survive in any conditions while looking stylish, go check them out!

Salomon Speed Assault 2 in use.

Specifications and Features:

  • Light and quick-drying
  • All-terrain grip
  • Ankle support
  • Height – Mid
  • Foot Protection – Light
  • Foot Support – Neutral
  • Weight – 320g

Salomon Speed Assault 2 on black background.

Fabric Specs:

  • Lacing system – Quicklace®
  • Waterproofness – None
  • Lining -Textile
  • Inlay sole – Textile
  • Outsole – Rubber
  • Upper – Textile / Synthetic

More Photos: 

The Salomon Speed Assault 2's laying down on their side

The Salomon Speed Assault 2’s are designed to be a long lasting shoe that will always protect your feet. 

A photo of the author wearing the Salomon Speed Assault 2's

The Salomon Speed Assault 2’s are designed to not only be outstanding working shoes but also as hiking shoes to fit all of your needs.

A photo of the author wearing the Salomon Speed Assault 2's but with pants.

The Salomon Speed Assault 2’s look stylish and sleek with kind of outfit while not looking too tactical.

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  1. Galvany ATC John

    Oh hell yes. I also got them at US Elite(great shop run by great people). I hike and ruck in these boots. Took them 17 days in Europa walking. Spent 10 days in Kentucky hiking. Light, great support and super comfortable


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