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Curves N Combatboots leggings, made to help empower women by feeling beautiful and confident.
| June 13, 2020
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Leggings – a girl’s best friend. Screw diamonds. Nothing is more comfortable and relaxing than slipping into a pair of well-fitted leggings. As you may know from my previous articles, I always seem to have the utmost difficulty in finding pants that fit my short, weirdly proportioned legs. They’re not actually disproportionate, but that’s how I feel when trying pants on in big box stores. So it’s no surprise that I’d have a slew of experience in leggings, from no-name brands, big brands, and small company brands. I don’t care about the brand /per se/ as long as they hit the mark.

My small selection of leggings from Curves N Combatboots.

My small selection of leggings from Curves N Combatboots.

I can talk about the other leggings later, but a couple of years ago I hit a gem and I feel like I have had enough wear time to have a pretty good idea about their brand, customer service, and product!

A Vetrepreneur Small American Business

Curves N Combatboots (CNC) is a company based in the US lead by Sarah and Elijah Maine – a veteran couple. At first, their company started out small, working out of their house but quickly grew into a solid business that pushed out of their 4,000 square foot warehouse. They now have over 200 different products to choose from.

Their mission statement: “Empower women to be the best version of themselves. “  One way they try to achieve this is by providing a service that makes women feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin. And that is one of the reasons why I like them – their honest desire to empower and support each other.

In every order you get a Curves N Combatboots sticker of some sort with their logo.

In every order you get a sticker of some sort with their logo.

These leggings — I Keep Buying More

I believe my first order was early 2019, hard to remember as time rushes by. But, I wanted something that stood out and would be unique in my small town in Canada. Plus, I heard good things about this company from a friend of a friend… One of the leggings I chose was actually the “Stars & Stripes” Red, White, & Blue 7/8 Length with pockets. Seriously… after this, people started coming up to me and asked me if I was American! After that, boosted by the compliments that I was receiving and their extreme comfort, it kind of spiraled out of control. My current stash now comprises of 2 bras and 6 leggings!

The Curves N Combatboots team.

The Curves N Combatboots team.

Stellar Customer Service

Customer service is always excellent and on point with these guys. There has been a couple of times that I or my friend had to write to the company requesting an exchange or with questions. We always would receive a prompt and polite reply and they always tried to figure out a solution. Sometimes, especially with cross border exchanges, things can get complicated but all of ours went off without a hitch. With each order, there’s always a handwritten note and a sticker related to their company in some way.  These personal touches make CNC more human, personable, and approachable — qualities that truly make up part of their narrative.

Besides advertising their products, CNC’s Instagram accounts often gives shout outs to veterans , currently active military members and first responders.

Besides advertising their products, CNC’s Instagram accounts often give shout outs to veterans, currently active military members, and first responders.

Inclusive Product Lines Meet Customer Needs

As for their product, it’s constantly changing up in fashion. Fresh ideas come in almost monthly. They listen to their audience through Instagram (@cnc.apparel, @curves.n.combatboots) when it comes to colors and desires. Previously they organized their leggings by collections which were: Freedom, Seamless, Little Black, Executive, Glow (maternity), Amputee, Mens, and Kids. As you can see they try to reach out and have a little something for everyone in their clothing.  I honestly don’t know many other legging companies that design pants specifically with amputees in mind. In fact, 100% of the proceeds from all of their leggings from the Amputee Collection are donated to the Kristie Ennis Foundation!

Curves N Combatboots Instagram account where they interact and talk with their customer frequently. Daily something new is added, may it be through their stories or on their account itself.

One of CNC’s Instagram accounts where they interact and talk with their customer frequently. Daily, something new is added, may it be through their stories or on their account itself.

Announcing New Fabric Blends

In the future, they’re starting up new fabric blends, and leggings will be organized into these sections. That way when you find a blend you like, you can easily find and buy what you want. The first blend they advertised on 1 June 2020 was their ever-popular Empowered fabric – which I will talk about in other articles. Later on, they plan to release and talk about 3 other new blends: Naked, Lavish, and Regal!

Curves N Combatboots popular and current fabric for sale right now – empowered.

Their popular and current fabric for sale right now – Empowered.

Stay Tuned for More About Curves N Combatboots!

What can you expect in the future from us??? Since I have leggings of different styles and collections I’ll have to write about each one individually as they each have their own pros and cons.  The main points that I’ll take note of are sizing, feel, material, sweat proof, compression, is it squat proof, fashion (stitching styles), pockets, waistband, and of course, the overall feel and final conclusion. Maybe it’ll help make your decision on a gift for a friend or for yourself!?

If you want to do us a solid, you can also buy some via Poshmark.

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