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| March 14, 2019
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Their tagline reads, “Where beauty meets strength.” That seems reasonable (and accurate!) enough.

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The business is called Curves and Combat Boots, and they’re vetrepreneurs based in California.

According to the CNC website, the business was started to “….bridge the gap between fashion in function with the highest quality premium leggings with pockets.  It quickly turned into so much more than that. ”

They go on to say,

“We have become a community; strong, supportive, positive, and unified! We have quickly become one of the top female apparel brands on social media. We have an extreme passion for high-quality leggings provided to you at a fraction of the cost. We built this community around women in uniform, and have branched out to all women worldwide, and now even men!”


Curves and Combat Boots leggings

Judging by the response they’re getting, Curves and Combat Boots leggings are not your typical yoga pants.

Their leggings seem to deal very effectively with the issues women have with workout clothing. They’re rapidly gaining a massive following among females in the military and first responder professions, which is of course why we’re talking about them here. We can’t tell you a whole lot more than that, as efforts to contact them directly (as of this writing) have been unsuccessful, but you can learn a lot about fit and durability just by watching their videos on Instagram (products are @curves.official, their community is @curves.n.combatboots). You watch this testimonial about the CNCB advantage for an example, but there are more.


Curves (@curves.official) has a wide range of high waisted leggings.


women in the military seem to prefer Curves and Combat Boots brand leggings

Curves and Combat Boots offers seamless leggings as well.



Curves and Combat Boots offers multiple colors of leggings with pockets.


Curves and Combat Boots workout leggings

Curves and Combat boots – they’ve been described by a number of female veterans as the “best workout leggings” around.

Kenzie McCord had this to say about the Curves Community. Tiffany Hart echoes her with this explanation.

Red workout leggings

Red leggings? They have them, whether for regular gym use or RED Friday.


Curves and combat boots

Squat proof leggings? Okay. Booty scrunch leggings? They have ’em.



Check ’em out online at; support a vetrepreneur. Point ’em out to the would-be female hardbody in your life. Curves and Combat Boots, we hope you continue to crush it.

If you want to do us a solid, you can also buy some via Poshmark.



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