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Winter Hiking Boots Review - Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS.
| February 25, 2020
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If you spend most of your time outdoors in all types of weather, certain gear starts to take priority. For me, it’s all about the footwear. With base layers, outerwear, and minimal gear I can make myself comfortable and make things work. However, not having the right footwear for the terrain I’ll be in can break me. I never used to be this way — I could just endure anything. Maybe it’s age but if my feet are not happy, I end up having a shitty time. There’s nothing I dislike more than having a shitty time, especially when I’m out enjoying nature. So I recently tried out a new insulated winter hiking boot, the Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS from Lowa Boots.

Lowa Winter Hiking Boots: Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS

The Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS from Lowa Boots.

Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS.

Gore-Tex Partelana Insulation

I picked this boot for several reasons, the most important being the Insulation. I’m spending a lot of time hiking in very cold temps in the Black Hills of South Dakota, so the insulation is my top priority. The Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS features Gore-Tex Partelana insulation which is built to be warm and holds up when the temperature falls below freezing. Specs on this insulation are 80% polyester/20% wool.

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More Features I Like

The second reason I chose this boot was the height. It’s a mid-height boot which is great for ankle support and I prefer this height for hiking in the snow. Of course, it’s waterproof and I also like the Vibram Arctic-Grip outsole because traction is super important when climbing icy/slick rocks out here in western SODAK. I’m also a stickler for metal loops and hooks for the lacing, just more durable to me. This is also a lightweight boot, which is something I gotta have, nothing worse than being dragged down by a heavy boot.

Winter Hiking Boots Review - Lowa Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS.

Dry and Warm All Day

I’ve got close to 40 miles trekking in the snow and COLD temps with these winter hiking boots and I’m happy. My feet are warm, and I have good traction.  I haven’t tried snowshoeing with these boots yet, but I feel confident this is the right boot for that application too. I never felt any soak through when hiking the snowy wet trails, my feet stayed warm and dry, and I could keep going, never felt like it calling it an early day.

Sara Liberte reviews a pair of Lowa's winter hiking boots. The Renegade Evo Ice GTX WS.

These Winter Hiking Boots Were the Right Choice

This boot runs true to size and I had room for my thicker wool socks. The lining adds the warmth I need and does a good job wicking moisture if your feet overheat. If you’re like me and embrace the cold temps for hiking because it usually means you get the trails to yourself, this boot is worth checking out. For the conditions I’m in, this boot was the right choice.

Lowa Winter Snow Boots Review- Snowprints.

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