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| January 2, 2017
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Monday Night Knife Fights: Sayoc WarHawk

Alexander Crown

You know that feeling when you get left out of something awesome? Like when all the Breach Bang Clear guys are writing sweet pieces on tomahawks and you don’t find out until all the articles get posted?

I thought we were friends. Bastards. I’ll write my own article, that’ll show ’em.


As with most self-respecting Americans I see great value in owning a tomahawk, but unfortunately I use one very little in my day-to-day activities. I suppose I could make more effort to change that, but given today’s modern office environment it seems irresponsible and expensive. I do fantasize about laying waste to my laptop from time to time, and a tomahawk seems more than appropriate for such task.

My tomahawk is the Sayoc WarHawk, designed by Tuhon Tom Kier and handmade by Tuhon Harley Elmore of Head Hunter Blades. This hawk was designed for the modern warfighter to destroy his enemies in CQB, aid in extraction from precarious situations, and most importantly, make me feel cool and my friends jealous. The design features of the WarHawk are an elegant blend of modern and historical with each feature having a specific purpose.

The most notable feature is the front spike. The spike is there to assist in penetration, even with oddly shaped objects like heads where a traditional flat-faced hawk may skip off. The material of the WarHawk is CPM154 steel and the handle is grooved G10. The handle design allows a more choked up grip for fine work and a small “hook” on the end to maximize control when your hand is lower. The spike on the back is primarily for demo/breaching/extraction and is unsharpened.

WarHawk_Crown04 WarHawk_Crown05

The sheath for the hawk is the usual kydex, and is designed to be used on a plate carrier with the included MALICE clips. I was told it could be mounted on your chest and the handle would sit snugly between your mags, which would allow quick access. That seems feasible, as the overall length is 12” and the head is roughly 6 ½“wide. But I think the hawk is better mounted on your back, or in my case in my Vertx Gamut. The weight is 1.55 pounds for those who are curious.




Admittedly, my day job and dad duties don’t lend to a lot of tomahawk-appropriate situations. I’ve used it to cut up a pallet and it may have been thrown in a few trees, but generally it gets carried for that “just in case” moment.



[You can visit Headhunter Blades online here]

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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