Military History Chronicle Launches

The Military History Chronicle has informed us of the launch of a new channel with a feature segment of “No Fighting in the War Room.”

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Here is what the Military History Chronicle advises us:

Radford, Virginia – The Military History Chronicle is now live. Though still in a nascent stage, the Military History Chronicle promises engaging, in-depth analysis of critical military events throughout history. MHC features the perspective of accomplished historians Jeff Ballard and W. “Bucky” Lawson on everything from the (overrated?) significance of the Battle of Midway to an analysis of Lincoln’s strategic victory at Ft. Sumter.

Battle of Midway location, a “No Fighting in the War Room” topic.

Current content is only on YouTube but will soon spread to the blogosphere. No Fighting in the War Room, the channel’s signature segment, features Ballard and Lawson discussing (and occasionally arguing over) such questions as, “Who was the best fighting admiral in the Pacific?”, and “Was Kelly’s Heroes better than The Dirty Dozen?” Hosts Lawson and Ballard themselves are an odd combo of California surfer dude and Appalachian hillbilly.

Both earned master’s degrees in Military History (with honors even!) and decided to use their newly-minted edjumacation to engage the world on social media. Or something. Lawson writes for the peer-reviewed Journal of the Saber and Scroll Historical Society and other publications; Ballard likewise scribes for the Journal and can also be found in the pages of Strategy & Tactics Press.

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Though both historians are primarily interested in WWII matters, the channel and blog will address topics from any time periods. Content will include book reviews and interviews, tongue-in-cheek responses to viewer and reader questions, and the consumption of both bourbon and cigars. There is also a historical swag shop with t-shirts and other loot; proceeds will be used to improve production value. And buy cigars.

The War Room video from Dr. Strangelove:


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