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It was only a matter of time…


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Mankind tried to make a seamless transition from edged weapons to gunpowder but it has never fully worked out. Since the first muskets, everyone has though it was a good idea to keep a sharp point on the end. This reluctance to venture away from the spear and axe exists to this very day, with our armed forces (and the military of most nations) still issuing bayonets. Ever wonder why the M4 Carbine has such a ridiculously short, barely usable forearm? Because the powers that be said “Hey guys, we know you want a shorter rifle than the M16 for modern warfare….but we still need the ability to mount a bad-ass looking bayonets!”

Thus we are stuck with a weapon that is harder to handle by many, compromising the ability for the operator to use the carbine to the fullest potential, in the interest of occasionally adding an edged weapon that MIGHT be used.


Its good thing the assholes didn’t get their hands on the MK-18 Block 2.  In the interest of keeping edged weapons on firearms, a new company called Melee Mods has a new approach to this timeless conundrum.  They have several edged weapons that fit modern firearms –and there was much rejoicing!


Firstly, they have the “TACT-AXE” which is a machined 1065 carbon steel bearded Viking ax that bolts onto pic rail forearms.  The blade comes dull, for those that want to use it for a novelty gift or movie prop but the company will gladly sharpen it for you upon request. At the low- low price of $120.00, you can chop your way out of a bad situation should your weapon fail or run out of ammo.


Next we have the “Gatchet”, which is a modified bearded ax that fits many modern handguns. Also made from 1065 carbon steel, this interesting blade will fit Springfield Armory XD series pistols, as well as Glocks. The down side? The Gatchet will not fit the Smith and Wesson M&P, and even more disappointingly will not fit the ultimate CQB handgun….the Taurus Millennium.  The blade ships with a dull edge, just like the TACT-AX, but as stated above you can have it sharpened for $10 bucks more, rounding the price of the menacing Gatchet out to a nominal $120.00


The company states that there are less than 200 TACT-AXE versions available, and less than 250 Gatchets. So if you need the “edge” these units will give you, you had better move fast.  You can see more pictures here on Melee mod’s Facebook page, and if you would like to place an order, you can check out their website here.

You know you want to.

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