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MDT ACC Chassis With XTN Interface and SRS-XF Folding Stock
| March 10, 2020
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Modular Driven Technologies (MDT) is a Canadian precision rifle accessories manufacturer that makes almost every part for a rifle outside of the scope, barrel, and action. We are using several parts and bits on The Apologizer but today’s article is on the Adjustable Core Competition or ACC Chassis. Our specific rifle is inletted for the Deadline action.

The MDT ACC XTN interface with SRS-XF folding stock.

The MDT ACC XTN interface with SRS-XF folding stock.

Adjustable for Cheek Weld, Length-of-Pull, and Comfort

The MDT ACC chassis truly is as adjustable as the A in the name suggests. Starting with the stock you get a bunch of adjustments in order to get the perfect cheek weld. The butt pad of the stock can be adjusted for length for a perfect length-of-pull. Rotating the large wheel brings it in and out and then locks down, with the logo covered wheel directly below. If you never plan on adjusting things the package comes with set screws to lock things down for a sleeker profile.

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The butt pad of the stock can be adjusted up, down , and with cant in order to get it to sit perfectly on the shoulder. This is also useful for people who shoot a lot off of the bench and prone as some prefer a different pad setup when they change activities. The cheekpiece has two thumbwheels (or set screws) so it can be adjusted upwards or down, left or right.  Using the thumbwheels, you can get your face behind the scope exactly where it needs to be so everything feels natural. The pad is plastic. If you want a bit more comfort, companies like Wiebad make a stock pad for it but keep in mind it will add some height to it.

MDT ACC Stock Folded To The Left Side

MDT ACC Stock Folded To The Left Side

Folding Interface

We opted to get our rifle with the folding interface which is a bit extra but well worth the cost. It packs down smaller, depending on the bolt. If you have it folded to that side it locks it in and protects it, as well as making it easier to clean the rifle. As you see in the picture above, we had it set up to fold to the left side at first. Later we opted for it to fold to the right instead for less bulk and to protect the bolt handle. Swapping it around is as easy as two bolts. Additionally, the stock can take a weight plate and has provisions at the bottom to mount M-LOK accessories like a bag rider or monopod.

MDT ACC ARCA Rail With M-LOK. Used for The Apologizer build.

The MDT ACC ARCA rail with M-LOK.

Forend Attachment Possibilities

The forend of the chassis has one long ARCA rail on it for all the fancy bipods, barricade stops, rifle bags, and tripods. So this thing is perfectly suited for PRS and NRL-style shooting. The underside of the rail has numerous M-LOK slots in it so you can attach rails, bipods, and other sundry to the bottom of the forend. The recessed screw holes along the bottom edges are for the internal weight set that MDT makes, but more on that and other chassis accessories later.

The MDT ACC XTN interface with SRS-XF folding stock.. Used on The Apologizer build.

The MDT ACC XTN interface with SRS-XF folding stock.

Magazine Well

The magazine well of the MDT ACC chassis has a scalloped front section. That makes it perfect as a barricade stop or to pinch a prop or bag between the bipod. The magazine well has a slight flare to it. In this case, the magazine release is shorter in order to work with the fat bolt of the Deadline action that we talked about in our last article. The magazine release is my only real sticking point for the rifle. I would like to see one that is a bit wider for use with gloves or for ape hands like mine.

MDT ACC Chassis Options

This would be the fifth MDT chassis that I own on one of my many rifle builds. With each new release, I find myself getting more and more excited and poorer from buying them all. I already have plans to use their new XRS chassis for the upcoming Ultimatum Precision Deuce build. MDT has one of the larger selection of inlets for different rifles. If the MDT ACC chassis doesn’t fit your rifle I bet they likely have one that might. If not, you can always suggest it on their website. They also offer them in several colors. In this case, we opted to pay the extra for tactical grey to go with the stainless barrel.

What’s the Next Step for The Apologizer?

In our next feature on The Apologizer we will cover some of the MDT accessories for the chassis and muzzle brake. Stop spelling it break. You’re wrong and you should feel bad. The only time a muzzle brake becomes a muzzle break is when you use the wrong tools to install it. Or if you get it packed full of dirt and fire a round through it.

Keep your eyes glued to the website for more articles on The Apologizer build and let us know in the comments what you think about where it is going so far.

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    There are two threaded recessed holes on either side of my Chassis just below the receiver. Any idea what therefore I can’t find anything. Thanks



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