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MDT Vertical Grip and Bag Rider
| April 17, 2020
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As we trudge on through the middle of the pandemic, assembling a rifle that will be baptized in maple syrup and swaddled in flannel, we need to outfit the chassis we talked about in our past article with a few succesories… I mean, accessories. The great thing about the MDT ACC is how easily you can add certain bits and bobs to work with your shooting style. Here are a few MDT ACC Accessories that we’re looking at.

MDT Rear Bag Rider

The buttstock on our MDT ACC has an M-LOK interface on the bottom that allows for the attachment of a monopod if that’s your style. In this case, we attached an MDT Rear Bag Rider, which gives a solid platform on the stock that will rest on whatever rear bag we choose. The straight nature of the bag rider allows the rifle to track straight back under recoil to help maintain the sight picture.

MDT ACC Accessories: The MDT Rear Bag Rider is easy to install and a worthy upgrade indeed.

The MDT Rear Bag Rider is easy to install and a worthy upgrade indeed.

MDT Vertical Grip

It always amazes us how many people put the wrong part of their finger on the trigger blade. We’ve seen everything from the joint between the tip of their finger and the middle pad. You should be using the center of the pad at the tip of your finger. The MDT Vertical Grip allows you to adjust the grip forward and aft in order to get the perfect trigger press. The polymer skins bolt onto an aluminum post and when you loosen the side screws you can perform the adjustments.

MDT Vertical Grip, an MDT ACC accessory.

My gangly fingers still had a bit of room to move the vertical grip back which was nice to see.

MDT ACC Interior Forend Weights

If you follow PRS or NRL-style competitions, the common trend is heavy-ass rifles. The average rifle weight sits in the 20-lbs range, which is not on the lighter end of rifles. The added weight balances the rifles so they sit easier on props, as well as reducing recoil so it’s easier to maintain the sight picture. The MDT ACC Chassis accepts weights in the buttstock and on the forend. For now, we have opted to put a bit more weight on the insides of the forend with the MDT ACC Interior Forend Weights.

MDT ACC Interior Forend Weights

We plan to add these chassis weights to The Apologizer.

For local competitions, we are limited to a maximum weight the rifle can be. By using just the internal weights we think we can get pretty close, and it’ll have a sleeker look. To install these, take off the cap at the front of the forend, slide them in and then bolt them in using the included screws. The pack comes with 5 chassis weights which allow you to raise the weight of your rifle 2.56lbs.

MDT ACC Mirage Shield

The MDT ACC Mirage Shield is a multi-talented accessory for your ACC chassis. It helps mitigate mirage coming off your hot barrel, provides a spot to hold onto the forend of your rifle which can help with some of the weird props, and even has M-Lok slots on the top to attach a rail.

MDT ACC Mirage Shield, one of several MDT ACC accessories.

The MDT ACC Mirage Shield is a multi-talented accessory

Why might you want to mount a rail on top of the mirage shield? Well, if you are lucky enough to have a rifle mounted night vision device, you can get co-witness off a 20 MOA rail mounted to your receiver. We have yet to get enough trigger time on The Apologizer for this to be worth it yet but we guarantee it will be when this whole pandemic thing comes to an end and we can get some range time under our belts.

We know that you see that bipod on the bottom in the picture above but that’s for the next article. Keep your eyes peeled to the website. Let us know in the comments which things you want — or already have — bolted onto your chassis.

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