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| July 23, 2018
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Glock 43 Slides




Victory First recently announced the release of their V43 barrel-slide combo. The combination is effectively a Glock 43 upgrade, providing a longer slide (with attendant advantages) and a match grade barrel. This is intended to maintain the weapon’s slim profile while increasing accuracy, improving ammunition performance by dint of greater velocity, and perhaps most importantly making the weapon more comfortable without sacrificing concealability – thus making it more likely people will carry it.

The V43 will make its public in-person debut at the 2019 NSSF SHOT Show next week in Vegas.

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade slide and barrel combo - better for AIWB (Appendix Carry)

VF’s release describes the V43 as a “…custom-designed and -manufactured slide for a stock Glock model 43. The concept that began in 2017 is nearing the final stages of testing, and Victory First is shooting for full-rate production and shipping to begin in the 1st quarter of 2019. [The V43 consists of]  a direct drop-on slide that is precision machined from 17-4PH Stainless steel that is fitted with OEM Glock components and a match Victory Barrel. The slide is 6.89in. in length and the standard barrel will measure 4.33in. Threaded barrels in industry standard thread pitch will also be available.”

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade slide and barrel combo - better for AIWB (Appendix Carry)

Matt Jacques, founder and owner of Victory First, occasional Breach-Bang-Clear contributor (and friend of many B-B-C Minions) explains.

“The intent of the project was to simply lengthen the slide and barrel to increase the comfort for concealment, specifically when carrying the gun in the appendix region (AIWB). I spend a ton of time with folks discussing why short sight radius guns are so uncomfortable when carrying AIWB. I refer to it as the Lego Principle. Stepping on a Lego wouldn’t hurt if it was the size of your cell phone; short guns hurt because they pinch at your waist. So, we’ve stretched the slide and produced a match barrel to optimize the Glock Model 43.”

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade slide and barrel combo - better for AIWB (Appendix Carry)

Size Matters. That’s a G19 on the left and V43 on the right. The width and length of a firearm (and where/how you carry it) are key components of successfully carrying AIWB *comfortably*. The V3 maintains the G43’s slim profile while mitigating the discomfort caused by a shorter slide while simultaneously providing the proven advantages of a longer barrel. This will result in a more comfortable carry, which results in more people actually carrying. That is a Good Thing, though there will be many who don’t get it (and thus will vehemently disagree). Carry what you want, but be willing to learn – you might benefit thereby.

“This configuration keeps the frame slim, but gives it a G19-ish sized slide and barrel combo. This will alleviate discomfort felt by folks who love the slim profile of the Model 43 but found it unpleasant to carry. There is the additional benefit of lengthened sight radius and increased barrel length, both of which improve accuracy and performance. We have prototype samples of slides for direct mounting various red dot optics, so yes, we’ll be offering those as well.”

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade slide and barrel combo - better for AIWB (Appendix Carry)

Make plans to see the new Victory First V43 at SHOT Show in booth #20066.

Victory First V43 Glock 43 Upgrade slide and barrel combo - better for AIWB (Appendix Carry)

A drawing of the V43 from the design phase.


These new Diamond Like Coating (DLC) color options for custom Glock slides were announced by Grey Ghost Precision in July of 2018.

Glock 43 slide from Grey Ghost Precision

The Glock 43 slide from GGP is available in several DLC colors.

GGP advises the slides are, “…precisely machined from a billet blank of American made, certified 17-4PH Stainless Steel with critical tolerances held to +/- .003.”

SPG43 Slide Specs

• Made from American 17-4PH Stainless Steel
• All critical dimensions held within +/-.003dz
• Strategically placed patterns for ease of use and function
• Coated with choice of Black, Grey, Bronze or Flat Dark Earth color options in DLC
• Ready to accept all GLOCK or aftermarket OEM G43 components
• Ready for GLOCK or OEM components to install right away


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