Legendary Whitetails Journeyman Shirt Jacket

Legendary Whitetails Flannel lined Shirt Jacket on rocks.
December 4, 2023  
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To shirt or to jacket? Why not both?

Shirt Jacket. What exactly is a shirt jacket, you might ask? Well, it’s neither fully one nor the other. It’s not thin enough to be a shirt nor thick enough to pass itself off as a jacket, yet it has properties of both. It’s something like a mule or a donkey. It’s sometimes referred to as a shirt jac, a word that sounds more like an act performed in the privacy of one’s own home than an article of clothing.

Legendary Whitetails’ Journeyman Shirt Jacket

Fortunately enough for us, Legendary Whitetails had the good sense to call their product shirt jackets, except for an obscure reference in the product description. That way, you can avoid giggles and snide remarks when you’re out with your logging crew.

legendary whitetails journeyman's jacket

The Journeyman’s Shirt Jacket comes in six different flavors. Each are flannel lined. [Legendary Whitetails]

For this review, I chose the Journeyman Flannel Lined Rugged Shirt Jacket. The Journeyman comes in six colors: tarmac, tobacco, dark army, twig, and navy. I went with tarmac: low-key, non-descript, a good neutral color. Each shirt jac has a handsome flannel lining that call up memories of John Denver and Grizzly Adams. Inside, on the left-hand side, is a patch pocket in the same fabric as the shell. The pocket is secured with a square of hook and loop and is large enough for most phones. My Samsung Note fits in it; that’s all that matters. The rest of you are on your own. The sleeves are lined with some kinda silky material that feels soft and cool to the touch.

Author wearing the Journeyman Shirt Jacket.

The shirt jacket is closed with rivet type buttons. In my opinion, they are too easy to open by accident. They do look nice, however. There are two chest patch pockets. Both are bellows style with a flap secured by the same buttons as the front closure. The top two corners of each flap are riveted in place.

There are other things I could talk about, the orange stripe along the base of the collar and the “signature buck applique on the left sleeve” – yes, that’s an actual quote from the website. All crap. All window dressing, like non-functioning hood scoops on a car. Let’s get real. You and me. Just us.

Journeyman Jacket pocket.

You know what makes this shirt jacket? Two things. One, it has hand warmer pockets. Yeah. Totally. Nice and deep, too! In later years, there’s no telling what your kids will dig out of these pockets: change, gum wrappers, spent casings, receipts…Jimmy Hoffa… Oh, and the pockets are lined with the same silky stuff that the sleeves are.

Shirt Jacket for Sale


Lookin’ for a shirt jacket for sale? Here ya go!

But where this thing really makes its money is the shell fabric. Durable and more weather resistant, Legendary Whitetails calls it “leather” cotton suede. I can see that and feel it. But what it really looks like and feels like is well broken-in oil cloth, and it’s a tactile wonderland. The fabric is “aged” with a vintage feel, which I like. Now, I can only speak for my sample, but this color, tarmac, positively drinks in light. It soaks it up like a sponge. There is no shine on this fabric, something that could be handy in any number of situations. To the touch, the material is soft with a slightly slippery/oily feel without the oil. It’s soft and comforting the way well-used bedsheets are after a hard day, and, honestly, the shell was the deciding factor in my choice of the Journeyman.

Back of the flannel-lined shirt jacket worn by the author.

A rear view of the Journeyman Shirt Jacket.

Is it warm? Yeah, it is. It’s a good lightweight “jacket” but would probably only be a good mid-layer for colder environments. It’s true-to-size (mine is a regular XL, and it fits me just right), comfortable, and easy to move in. If you’re carrying concealed, it’ll do the job, even for those of us carrying full-sized gats. The Journeyman just looks good, too. Get one for yourself online at Legendary Whitetails.


  • Quality finishes/details
  • Deep pockets
  • Durable and more weather-resistant shell fabric
  • Appearance
  • Conceal carry capable


  • Buttons could pop open too easily under certain circumstances
  • Price. While the quality is there, $79.99 is a little pricey and may be a dealbreaker for some

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Mike Durand

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