Pugilistic apparel – 3 flannels you can fight in

Flannel shirts - are probably the epitome of manly shit
| October 11, 2018
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Flannel shirts — for centuries we’ve enjoyed wearing them. That’s no exaggeration neither! Actually, its a bit of an exaggeration, but wtf, we get excited. Read on if you like flannel shirts.

First seen in Wales back in the 16th century (think Queen Elizabeth I, Bill Shakespeare, Ivan the Terrible timeframe), the fabric is thought to have made its way here to the United States circa the Civil War years.

We like flannel shirts for all kinds of stuff. We like ’em for everyday use, for camping, for wearing to the range, for wearing to them to the range, hell some of our guys have worn them on missions in places where there isn’t any good toilet paper and assholes sometime shoot at ya.

Plus, some people look really good in flannel.

Dixxon Flannels Bodie and Dixxon Flannels Bourbon

But we digress. We picked out 3 brands of flannel we think is worth your time to check out (and that are okay to fight in). Are they the best flannel shirts out there? Not having worn them all (and having a wide range of tastes in our Minion lineup), we cannot answer that. We can say at least some of us have worn all of these and liked ’em plenty.

Check it all out in the Tactical Flannel article at HouseMorningwood.com

Oh, and all of these companies are small American businesses; that’s another reason to support them.

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