Fighting Old Guys

May 7, 2015  
Categories: Musings

Knife hand the world - join us on our mission

This image and quote showed up a while back on Ed’s Manifesto, a blog we follow. We reckon it to be very sound advice.

Fighting Old Guys 1

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It is for this very reason we like to go back and study what old gunfighters have to say – to that end, those of you who’re interested might check out Bill Jordan’s No Second Place Winner. Go out and crush your Thursday.

Bill Jordan 2

No Second Place Winner Bill Jordan


Read more of Ed’s Manifesto right here.

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Mad Duo

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  1. JESullivan

    I resemble that remark!! Learned from crusty old NCOs and Field Grade Officers back in the 60s… don’t fuck with ’em !! Their well learned and oft practiced treachery will prevail and leave your inexperienced dick in the dirt! SO, read Jordan, Keith, Cooper et al… it may keep you alive. Read Hackworth and other military combat leaders too…information is power.

  2. Ken

    Let’s not forget Ole Notorious Bill killed a co-worker eff’ing around with his wheel-gun at his desk.

    • Matt

      Yeah well he came in first then too!

      • E Plebnista

        Frankly that story sounds more like it was the co-worker that was ‘effing around’ .. and Bill needed a cover story for smoking him.

  3. Mike Riddle

    I am going to borrow the top picture .. it is very true.

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