Magpul’s “Briefcase Gun” is back!

FDC9 briefcase gun from Magpul
January 15, 2021  
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According to a number of sources, the Magpul FMG9 (you probably saw the video years ago) is back.   Thanks to a partnership between Magpul Industries and Zev Technologies, the “folding briefcase gun” will soon be available (well, soon-ish) as the FDC (Folding Defensive Carbine) and FDP (Folding Defensive Pistol).

The weapon will apparently be chambered in 9mm (initially) and is based at least in part on the OZ9 modular pistol from ZevTech. That’s the one with the independent receiver block that allows someone to swap frame, so, Magpul chassis and Zev guts? Sounds legit.

We’re advised,

“Set to be released in 2022 as a large-format pistol, the new version is designed as a discreet PDW that, while not intended for on-body carry per se, would nonetheless occupy a diminutive form factor. The design will also possibly be incorporated into an NFA-regulated short-barreled rifle termed the Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9). Both the large-format pistol and carbine will be sold through ZEV Technologies.”

We’ll advise more when we know it.

Learn more about the FDC9. 

FDC9 briefcase gun from Magpul

It’s easy to see why they refer to the FD9 as a briefcase gun, though much of that is no doubt left over from the FMG9 days of more than a decade ago. The FDC and FDP are coming next year (2022) from Zev Technologies and Magpul.


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1 Comment

  1. Rob

    It’s true. There are no original ideas left.

    Of course I love it, of course I want one. But this is just an injection-molded reboot of the Ares folding 9mm smg of bygone days. [U.S. patent #4,625,621].
    And like most imitations, (especially so-called ‘modern’ imitations made of plastic) it isn’t nearly as good as the original.

    How do I know? Because its over twice as tall, twice as thick and has controls that are visible from the outside that draw attention to itself. [anybody who is familiar with a Glock will recognize the take-down lever and controls. That picatinny rail isn’t exactly subtle either, boys…..]

    The original Ares had no visible external control except the round button for the latch that held it closed. Not much thicker than the width of a modern Glock slide and using standard 25rd Uzi mags; in the folded position it could be carried unobtrusively in one hand while looking completely harmless. Unlike something that resembles an M16 upper receiver handle with add-on rails above a tactical lunchbox with mysterious controls.

    But hey, a bulky, inelegant injection-molded copy of a folding 9mm smg is better than no folding smg’s, right?

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