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We’ve received 4 different SweetFire products from UCO: the Titan Stormproof Match Kit, SweetFire Fire Starters, Stormproof SweetFire and Behemoth Stormproof SweetFire.

Match Kit
Uco’s Titan Stormproof Match Kit.

1) Titan Stormproof Match Kit includes:

  • Waterproof case with 3 replaceable strikers and a cord
  • 12 titan stormproof matches which claim to be windproof, waterproof and can burn up to 25 seconds;
Starters by SweetFire
The UCO SweetFire Fire Starter.

2) SweetFire Starters includes:

  • 24 square firestarters;
Stormproof SweetFire by UCO. 

3) Stormproof SweetFire includes:

  • 20 large triangular matches which UCO claim to be windproof and waterproof and can burn up to 7 minutes each;
Behemoth Stormproof
The Behemoth Stormproof SweetFire firestarter.

4) Behemoth Stormproof SweetFire includes:

  • 9 large (14 cm long) matches which UCO claim to be wind and waterproof and can burn up to 15 minutes each.

UCO creates their SweetFire products with bagasse. Bagasse is a fibrous waste product from sugarcane when sugar is being extracted.  They source bagasse locally from one of their already existing match factories. By adding a propriety mix of vegetable-based wax to the bagasse, it creates an eco-friendly and long-lasting fire starter at the same time, UCO claims. Additionally, UCO reports that bagasse is a reliable material, regardless of the weather. They claim that bagasse produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions while being used and the emissions that are emitted are then absorbed by plants, creating an emission-neutral cycle.

In the future, we will be testing each product under a variety of settings and in different weather conditions. Specifically, we will be timing how long each flame lasts on each product while recording outdoor conditions at the same time. We will see how waterproof and windproof each product is and if that will decrease the overall burn time. A future article will outline each test on each product.

You can find UCO online here. Cabela’s carries a wide range of UCO products as well.

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