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Norseman Review - Breach Bang Clear - Kershaw Camp 10
June 25, 2018  
Categories: Knives and Axes

Our own Dave “Norseman” Williams took some time out to review the Kershaw on video, so give it a watch — but keep in mind he does nothing in half measures. He breaks it down completely Barney style, so grab some popcorn and your note-taking materials. This isn’t some bullshit 2 minute ass-kissing review for free stuff, nor is it a half hour long fanboi unboxing.

Of course, if you’ve been reading us for any length of time, or know anything about Norseman, you probably expected that.

This is the Kershaw Camp 10 in what we call “Mud Hut” (FDE), which is new in 2018. Kershaw provided the knife without proviso or expectation. They’re not one of our sponsors.

If, after watching this review, you decide you’d like one of this or some other Kershaw, please consider buying it via or Brownells. We’ll get a small commission if ya do.

From Kershaw:

The popular Kershaw Camp 10 machete has been widely praised for both value and durability. And while its original black-and-gray color scheme looks great in the field or in the backyard, we thought we’d try this favorite in a new color, too. This new black-and-tan color scheme was inspired by a Camp 10 that was put to work and got all dusty in the process. Turns out, it looked pretty good doing it. 

The new “Camp Tan” as the designer likes to call it, has all the features of the regular Camp 10, but with a tan handle and sheath. From clearing brush to making kindling, the Camp 10 Tan is the ideal outdoor and survival tool. Cut, slash, hack, split, scrape—just about any task you ask of it, the Camp 10 Tan can handle. The full-tang Camp 10 Tan is made of 65Mn carbon tool steel for toughness and wear resistance. A black powdercoat protects the steel and makes maintenance easier.

Dave Norseman Williams - Kershaw Camp 10 Video Review 2 - for Breach-Bang-Clear

With its rubber overmold, the Camp 10’s handle is super-grippy and provides an extra-secure, contoured grip. The handle has a built-in hand guard and is drilled in both front and rear so you can attach a lanyard either place—or both—for carrying versatility. The new Camp 10 Tan comes with a matching tan molded sheath with handy lash points and nylon straps. It attaches to pack, belt, ATV trail box, or saddle bags with ease.

Kershaw is online at Subscribe to Norseman’s channel why don’t ya? You should also check out his blog.

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Dave the Norseman

Dave the Norseman

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