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The Slumberjack Roughhouse 4
| April 11, 2018
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Mad Duo Chris is going camping. Here’s an initial Eyes On from Chris Hernandez as he takes his first look at the Slumberjack Roughhouse 4.

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Roughhousing Outdoors

We’re Not Talking About That Axel Braun Summer Camp Movie Either

Two pretty cool pieces of gear arrived here at the Hernandez JFHQ recently: a Roughhouse 4 tent and a 20-degree Wheeler Lake sleeping bag, both from an outdoors company called Slumberjack. My family and I recently got back into camping, so these came at the right time and look like outstanding pieces of equipment. Today I’ll briefly discuss the Roughhouse 4.

The tent sleeps four, is low-profile, military green, and easy as hell to set up. Slumberjack doesn’t include instructions with their tents, instead referring customers to instructions online. I did the guy thing and decided not to bother with no stupid instructions. But even without instructions, and with my granddaughters “help,” I had the main component (without the rain fly) set up in my backyard in about ten minutes. The rain fly took about another ten, but only because I made a couple of dumb mistakes that I had to go back and fix. Now that I’ve done it, the next time will probably take ten minutes total.

The Roughhouse 4 tent - way better than a GP Medium

The Slumberjack Roughhouse 4 – way better than a GP Small. 

Gear Pocket in the Roughhouse - Slumberjack Roughhouse.

One of the Roughhouse 4’s four gear pockets.

The three ceiling attachment point - Slumberjack Roughhouse .

The Roughhouse 4 tent has three ceiling attachment points to hang lights or add a DIY gear loft.

Speaking of the rain fly, you don’t necessarily need it. The main part of the tent is a bowl-type floor panel connected to what’s basically a dome-shaped mosquito net supported by tent poles. On a dry, temperate, breezy night with a billion stars in the sky, the tent without the fly is perfect. But add a little rain or cold, the fly goes on and gets staked down with very little effort. The fly also adds a little gear vestibule, or a porch-like awning if you have a couple of extra poles handy.

Naket tent -Slumberjack Roughhouse

The Roughhouse 4 tent all nekkid.

Slumberjack roughhouse: Heavy steel side does support the top rails, which are lightweight.

Closeup of the tent pole structure. The top rails are lightweight, but side poles are heavy steel.

I’ll be using this gear for an upcoming family camping trip in Texas’s Piney Woods (where spring temperatures get all the way down to the 70s!), and I’ll have more info then. But I have high hopes for this tent and no expectation that I’ll be disappointed. Slumberjack is online at Slumberjack.com, on Instagram @slumberjackgear, and they have a surprising amount of gear available on Amazon Prime.

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