An Electric Full Auto BB Gun: the Barra 400E

Barra 400e: the only electric full auto BB gun currently available.
| October 17, 2022
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Availability of a good full auto BB gun is nothing new. They’ve been done before and they’re wicked cool. However, something better may have just come along: the Barra 400E from Barra Air Guns. It’s the first and only electric fully automatic .177 BB rifle. 

Check it out. 

Full auto BB gun: Barra 400e

“Designed as a modern sporting rifle with no frills and a clean frame. The 400e looks great out of the box but is still highly adaptable for you to customize and make it your own.” -Barra Airguns 

Electric guns are just easier compared to CO2 guns. With CO2 rifles you run into some annoyances such as having a million CO2 canisters laying around, having to worry about ordering more, and squandering air at the end of the day to drain it if needed. Electric rifles take those issues to bed by only having to worry about an electronic battery pack in the rear that is rechargeable. Two power packs for two guns and a charger and call it a day.

Barra Air Guns 400e: automatic BB guns traditionally use CO2

Automatic BB guns traditionally use CO2. However, 12G Co2 cartridges fed airguns are messy compared to an electric rifle powered by one single battery pack. 


battery and charger fed Barra

A battery pack is both rechargeable and cheaper than Co2.

Now to get to the fun stuff.

“The Barra 400e is the world’s first and only production full auto .177 BB gun powered exclusively by electricity. Featuring patent pending technology, this BB rifle is built with a CNC aluminum receiver and handguard. Highly accurate and customizable out of the box. Pick yours up today and make it your own.” ~ Barra Airguns (not to be confused with Barra Barra)

400E Specs

  • CALIBER-.177 (4.5mm)
  • ACTION-Select Fire
  • LOUDNESS-Level 3
  • MAX VELOCITY-410 Fps
  • SHOT CAPACITY-Includes 50 Round Magazine


BB Rifle Build List

The 400E BB Rifle has the look and feel of a real rifle. Weighing 7.5lbs it pushes just over a pound more than a real M4A1 and sports a 19″ smoothbore barrel. It is pretty kitted out with a synthetic stock that has the air of a Magpul UBR almost. It also has a flat trigger, ambidextrous selector, a rear and front sight, picatinny top rail for optic mounting, and an aluminum M-LOK fore end.

Barra Airguns fully-auto BB rifle

With all that being said, while the 400E can be modified externally I wouldn’t mess with the internals as the manual specifically states “• DO NOT MODIFY OR ALTER YOUR BB GUN. Attempts to modify the BB gun in any way may make your BB gun unsafe to use, cause serious injury or death and will void the warranty. ” 

Loading Up

Loading the magazines and rifle is pretty standard. To load the 50 round magazine simply load the bb’s into the included speed loader. Now close the cover and push the lock button to release the rod. At this time you can now push the speed loader feed onto the magazine feed and press down until full. The magazines seat into the rifle just as any of rifle, and releases with a standard magazine release.

The 400e magazine with funnel shown on top

Included with the 400E air gun, this magazine holds 50 bb’s and is easy to both fill and empty. A speedloader is also included in the 400E package.

BB Gun Battery

“One battery charge gets you over 1000 shots. Featuring patent pending technology, the 400e can maintain velocities ranging between 380 and 410 fps. The consistent velocity and engineering of the rifle allow for high levels of accuracy for a BB gun. With rates of fire between 500-600 RPM (depending on battery C rating), it’s fast enough to be fun, but slow enough to engage all your targets before needing to reload. With the included 50 round magazine, this gets you over 5 seconds on full-auto before needing a mag change. That’s over 4x longer shooting than comparable fully automatic CO2 rifles.”  ~ Barra Airguns

Ovonic AI 2200 battery

The proprietary battery pack for the 400E can be purchased directly from Barra. It is recommended to have at least two to ensure that if one dies you have one that will be fully charged on standby.


HTRC battery charger

Not all battery packs are able to charge the battery pack inside the 400E. Barra Airguns sells the correct battery charger on their website (and it can charge three batteries at a time). Use it for fun or training

The battery and battery charger are not included in the rifle purchase but can be purchased directly from Barra Air Guns website.


Bara 400E Pricing

Worth it to note that an air rifle is cheaper to run than a CO2 gun. “The 400e is extremely efficient to operate and more than *100 times cheaper per shot than a full auto CO2 rifle. A 40 count CO2 pack costs about $25 and gets approximately 2,000 shots with a full auto CO2 BB rifle. A LiPo battery and balanced charger are about $30 and should get 200,000-400,000 shots with the 400e when the battery is properly maintained.” ~ Barra Airguns

  • The 400E Rifle – $400.00
  • Single Magazine – $20.00
  • Single Battery – $20.00
  • Single Charger – $12.00


Looking to get one? 

Check out the Barra 400E on Amazon

Find it at Gun.Deals

Note: The kit comes with one magazine, speed loader, and flip up sights but DOES NOT INCLUDE THE BATTERY AND CHARGER.

Another Barra 400E Review

Got a while to really get into the weeds? Check this out. 

The first (and currently only) full auto BB gun.

The first (and currently only) full auto BB gun.


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  1. Terry Biddle

    I bought the Barra 400e, a spare speed loader, two batteries, a charger, battery meter and five magazines from Barra. Their customer service is outstanding. All of my emails were answered quickly and I am very impressed with the gun and the fun I am having with it. By the way, I am 75 years old.

  2. Jerome C Stohlman

    I received my gun. Looks nice. Did not receive the charger and spare batteries I ordered with it. No charger at all. Thank you, Jerry Stohlman

  3. TGP389

    Halve that price and I’d get one tomorrow.


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