CZP10C: a Japanese Guy and an American Pipehitter talk about a Czech Gun

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December 29, 2016  
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Images and video of CZP10C  provided courtesy of Shin Tanaka, Point & Shoot Media, Source Recon and Pillar Media Group.

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CZP10C: a Japanese Guy and an American Pipehitter talk about a Czech Gun


There are a number of good things from the Czech Republic, Josef Škvorecký and Veronika Zemanova not least among them — but we’re also admirers of guns built by Česká Zbrojovka. That’s why we’re happy to tell you a little more about the CZ (@czusafirearms) P10C, their latest handgun.

The CZ P10C from @czusafirearms.

The P10C is a new striker-fired semi-auto pistol. Our friend Shin Tanaka (@gunbaka) spent a little time shooting it recently alongside Mike “Noner” Pannone (@cttsolutions) of CTT Solutions (Shin and Mike the Mook wrote about it on a few days back). Now, Shin may not be able to pronounce his Rs, but he’s a great shooter (with excellent taste in sashimi) who knows his way around a firearm. Pannone, for his part, has likely forgotten more about shooting than many of us, so we enjoy hearing his opinion on things. Pannone is a sponsored shooter, so keep that in mind, but he’s not the sort to blow smoke up anyone’s ass or praise anything that doesn’t deserve praise. Shin isn’t sponsored by CZ. He just really likes good guns.

Shin Tanaka

And we’re okay with that. Our HMFIC still berates himself for selling the CZ75 he bought in the early 90s as a rookie cop. Dumbass.


Mike shooting a CZ P10C.

The new CZ P10C has some stock “off-the-shelf” features that Noner describes as noteworthy, including replaceable backstraps, front cocking serrations, stepped metal sights, ambi mag and slide release, and a (relatively) flat trigger — all of those, you’ll note, being related in some way to common aftermarket modifications made to other pistols.


CZP10C magazines

Need a CZ P10C magazine for that blaster?


This is how Shin described it to us (more from Shin below):

“The P10C is a fast shooting accurate pistol. It has [the] solid feeling of an all metal gun, [but] in weight of a polymer pistol. Sights are good, could be better but it will be an easy fix since CZC will be coming out with custom sights.  Grip is better than Glock for sure. It’s like a Glock with grip upgrade by Boresight Solution or ATEi… but out of the box. Trigger is very contourable. Solid and positive. CZ did their homework to study what American shooters want, and P10C is priced more reasonable than Glock series. 

[The] CZ P10C has Grip of M&P, Bore access of STEYR M-A1, Safety of Glock, Trigger of VP9, Ergonomics of custom Glock from gunsmith and price of XDM. It’s a polymer pistol done right.”

CZP10C parts

Says Pannone,

“The barrel lockup is exceptionally good, so you’re getting match grade groups from a…production level gun. The trigger itself is a good, crisp, four pounds with a rapid reset. Effectively out of the box this gun needs no modifications to compete with other, modified striker-fired guns.” 

Mike with the CZ P10C 1

Mike with the CZ P10C 2

Mike with the CZ P10C 3

Here’s something that isn’t necessarily a huge advantage when it comes to the actual function of the weapon but is a nice selling point: holsters are readily available. Because the P10C is so physically similar to other weapons, you’ll easily be able to find something you like fer ta carry it. For instance, Glock 19 holsters. Noner advises he owns ten different Glock 19 holsters. Of those, seven are suitable for the P1C with the turn of a tension screw.

CZ P10C with hoster and magazine.

CZP10C on top of holster.

About P10C mags, he tells us:

“Mags will fit in a P07, but the P07 magazines must be modified with that cutout to fit in the P10. In the future, all the magazines will be P10 and P07 compatible. The P10 magazines also have orange followers, witness holes in the back, and will be at least $10 less expensive than the P07 magazines.” 

Handgun magazines side by side. Presumed to be P07 and P10.

Close up of full mag on top of a handgun.

Find the right mags for your handgun at GunMag Warehouse!

Here are a few bullet points Shin sent us. Remember to read this in your head like you’re watching a Kenji Mizoguchi movie (it’s okay to imagine subtitles too).

  • A combination of low bore access and high grip design allow shooter to snap the gun back on target.
  • All controls, mag catch, and slide stop are ambidextrous. Their position, size, shape, and tension are well though out. Do not get in the way until you need them.
  • Simple reloads. Zero transition training needed from Glock series pistols needed
  • Interchangeable back straps a welcome feature.
  • Test target shows about a 4cm high impact at 15m. Many European made pistols are sighted in with 6 o’clock hold
  • Image below, Shinnosuke Tanaka first 10 shot from 10 yard line. Point of aim was X, impacted slightly high due to the sight in method. Grouping is impressive. Sight picture was excellent, I will swap front sight to slight taller night sight to patch POA and POI when I get mine. Trigger is not light, but very contourable with clean take up and crisp break. Has short and positive reset with audible and physical click.

CZP10C in front of a used paper target.

  • Edge of the magazine catch button trimmed down to avoid releasing magazine accidentally. Straight trigger with big trigger guard opening. High cut on the front strap. Front and rear cocking serrations are updated from P07. Very controllable.

Close up of the "safe action style trigger mechanism"

  • Above you see halfcocked “safe action style trigger mechanism”. Not enough stored energy in the gun to ignite primer until shooter pulls the trigger all the way back. Rotating style automatic firing pin safety to make lower bore axis possible. Mechanically stronger than plunger system under dirty conditions.
  • Frame has “more fiber” than Glock frame, gives much more solid feeling. Wide locking lug on the frame and standing lug on the barrel ensures positive and safe lockup.

Earlier this month, Mia Wood from Gunterest posted about the new blaster as well.

“Ladies…this is a new gun that just came out. Made by CZ-USA , it’s called their P10 and will start shipping in December. I shot this gun last weekend and was struck by several features: The grip, the trigger, and the way it shot….straight out of the box. I believe CZ-USA has found the elusive glass slipper that fits us. I’m working on a blog post for this new gun , to give you the review.” [Note: as of this writing, they have not published that review. We’ll advise when they do.]

Not to be left unheard, Ted Tae (@ted_tae_works) weighed in as well. We just don’t know what he’s saying*.

“CZ사의 신총 CZP10C에 대한 마이크페논과 신의 평가. 둘다 내가 아는 그리고 같이 쏴본 사람들 중 최고의 슈터들 중 하나.”

The CZ P-10C can be found online here and is beginning to ship. See it in action in by visiting Source Recon on Instagram.

Pistol with bullets and two magazines

Hit pattern data chart.

CZ P-10 Compact 9mm mags.

You can follow all the people and organizations listed above on Instagram for more updates: Shinnosuke Tanaka, @gunbaka; Noner, @CTT Solutions; Gunterest, @gunterest, Pillar Media Group, @pillarmediagroup; Source Recon, @sourcereconig;  Point and Shoot Media Works, @pointandshootmediaworks, and of course CZ USA, @czusafirearms.

*English Translation: “Mike Penon and Shin’s evaluation of CZ’s new gun, CZP10C. Both are one of the best shooters I know and have ever shot with.”

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