The Cult of Appendix Carry – you’re all wrong

AIWB, or Appendix Inside the Waist Bang is often simply referred to as "Appendix Carry."
April 27, 2015  
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And now, a few words from our friend Chuck Haggard. He doesn’t call the author/article he’s referencing insipid or banal, so we won’t either. Nor will we take issue with his condescending use of the word ‘craze.’ We’ll just say he’s myopic and leave it at that – fact is, we’re glad someone presented an anti-AIWB argument, we’ve been looking for one. We’re just wish it had been more cogent.  Mad Duo

“This is a bit of an open post to the NRA and to the writer of this blog Op-Ed, because the derp, half truth and bullshit posted in this bit is stunning coming from an organization that represents millions of gun owners and gun carriers. Literally nothing Darren LaSorte wrote in this ‘article’ is accurate, nothing. To steal a quote from Tamara Keel: ‘Other people are doing things differently from me. If they’re right, I must be wrong. I am not wrong, therefore, they must be.’ The human psyche’s a pretty zero-sum place. Mr. LaSorte, your Dunning-Kruger Effect is showing, and that’s even more embarrassing than walking around with your fly open.” Chuck Haggard

Here’s an excerpt of the op-ed Haggard is talking about.

“The devotees of the relatively recent appendix carry craze disagree with me. To say that they are somewhat vehement in their beliefs is putting things lightly. They turn a suspicious eye toward me and all of the other daily gun carriers who don’t choose to carry a gun in the most uncomfortable place on our bodies possible. The joke is that appendix carriers are becoming more like a cult than a group of gun owners concerned for their safety and that of others. If you don’t roll their way, you don’t roll at all.”

Do You Even Liberty - RED Edition

Read the rest of the article here. Be forewarned, it’s a mediocre piece at best – and we disagree with – BUT, hey, at least the dude is pro-gun and the topic is certainly worth discussion. Let’s keep things this side of profane as we debate – in the end we’re happy when anyone carries a gun responsibly (even if they are smarmy about how they do it).

Here’s a counter-argument on the good points – feel free to opine, agree or disagree. Disagreement is where learning occurs (if arguments are made intelligently, in a tone designed to encourage discourse).


Feel free to look for more from Chuck Haggard (who recently returned from a cross country ride Augustus McCrae and Gus Call). Find him on Facebook, Agile Training) or check them out online here.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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Mad Duo

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  1. Robert

    I didn’t read anything but was thoroughly entertained by the short film above the comments section.I feel, in short, appalled by the fact that a predator would even allow a new alien into his shower. I mean really!!??

    What kind of world are we living in here where an illegal can’t even get 5 minutes to take a hot shower, alone, in someone else’s bathroom.

    What’s next, the predators pay for their food??


    I use the AIWB carry because a huge majority of the time when I’m out and about I am driving. It allows me to situate my seatbelt and shirt in a manner that would allow quick easy access while in my vehicle. When I’m not in my vehicle and out and about I am usually standing which is extremely comfortable with AIWB (to me). I also feel that in drawing from the AIWB the economy of motion is better than if it was elsewhere. I also admittedly am getting old and fat and just to the left of my left frontal buttcheek (a.k.a. stomach fat) I have an indent which my AIWB rig sets right into perfectly which reduces printing. That’s what I do though, and I do not care what you do, or why you do it. I will never understand why people get wrapped around the axle about shit like this? it kinda makes me want to make up some bulljive carry and promote it on the web just to see how many followers I can get (and there would actually be some!!) of the new super high speed “under the sack taint carry” USTC, just to see how ridiculous the arguments get.

  3. Billy

    Each to his own. So WTF, who cares. Do what works for YOU!

  4. pacoeltaco

    I live in Illinois and just recently got my CCW license. And I’ve been doing appendix carry. I did some research. experimented with some different positions, and it’s where I ended up.

    I chose AIWB because I’m a small guy and it’s a full-size Sig 229. At 5’4 and 160lbs; anywhere other than 1:30 and it’s clear as day that I’m carrying.

    LaSorte got it right in saying this, “. Maybe it’s the shape of my body. ” Yeah. it is. Maybe lead with that. I would imagine that most guys think long and hard about whether to point a firearm at the things that……. you know…… get long and hard.

  5. defensor fortismo

    Looking at the article, a few things jumped out at me.

    1) he didn’t make the “you’ll shoot your duck off ” argument. in my opinion, that places the piece well above other pieces which fixate on your piece and are unable to distinguish between appendix and Mexican carry.

    2) he makes it clear that his view is, in fact, personal opinion. He has the perception of appendix being uncomfortable, so does about Half the carry world, strong side versus appendix is one of the immortal arguments of the gun community. He does take the time however to acknowledge some of the advantages of the system, he just doesn’t find it his cup of tea.

    3)his points about drawing under duress isn’t without merit. I see the appendix drawstroke and some of the trapping techniques I learned in jkd come to mind. Even working from the assumption that you’re dealing with an unskilled opponent, a good old fashioned tackle could have the same affect.

    4) it’s worth noting that his main collaborator at the nra, mr. Colion Noir, is himself a strong proponent of appendix carry. I would respectfully suggest that you take this article with a grain of salt And read it for what it is, an opinion, not a statement of fact.

    • defensor fortismo

      *dick, stinking auto correct

  6. Mike

    Subcompacts are perfect for appendix carry. Any type of IWB carry depends largely on body shape though. Folks with muffin tops will never feel comfy no matter what method. So get in shape America!

  7. Joe L

    Well, there goes the fleeting thought of buying an NRA membership

  8. Dave B

    I have a standard alien gear iwb and an waw aiwb and for the life of me I can’t find a comfortable aiwb carry position. It is miserably uncomfortable for me and I usually end up back in the 4-5 o’clock carry position. And half the time my clothes aren’t big enough and I end up pocket carrying. Its whatever works for you. And I Don’t see why people get so worked up over something that is entirely personal preference. A slower draw from concealment is better than not carrying.

  9. Jason

    I carry appendix BECAUSE it’s more comfortable to me. To each his own man.

  10. Alexander Stuart

    I carry AIWB. It’s the most comfortable way for me to carry it, and I feel I can conceal it better. 2 Cents

  11. Ken Rull


    Please do write that article. We would love to hear a proper counter-point from a qualified trainer who can dispassionately lay out the pros and cons of the different carry methods for us.

  12. Doug Crawford

    I don’t care for the appendix carry, I think it’s uncomfortable, but I’m not going to shit on anyone for the way they carry. Assuming that they are carrying safely, I don’t care. Just as long as they know what they’re doing.

  13. Chuck Haggard

    Thanks for the mention brother.

    This is what I sent to the NRA’s contact e-mail ref that article;

    It disturbs me a great deal that the NRA would place such a poorly worded, divisive, and stunningly inaccurate bit on the site as was done today here;…rt6kcI.twitter

    Literally nothing in Mr. LaSorte’s Op-Ed (because this was certainly not news, nor was it factual) is accurate, except possibly his recounting his experience with carrying a gun poorly and without training or proper gear.

    As a life long shooter, long time LE firearms trainer, and NRA Life Member, my experience with this subject is vastly different than Mr. LaSorte’s, and unlike him I have “put in the work” to be able to have a valid opinion on the subject.

    While Mr. La Sorte may dismiss me as one of the crazed “cult” members of the AIWB carry cult, this could not be further from the truth. I can teach and show people how to use this carry method, and for many people it works very, very well, however it is A way, not THE way, and no competent trainer I know thinks otherwise.

    I strongly believe that there needs to be a counter-point article written by a competent author with real world experience in this area. I would be willing to do so myself, or I can recommend a number of other trainers who could also do so.

    In my humble opinion, letting this blog Op-Ed stand on it’s own as “truth” represents the NRA poorly and does a disservice to the concealed carry membership.

    Thank you for your time,

    Chuck Haggard

    • Sean

      wow.. some AIWB folks really do get their panties in a wad. Sad really.


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