Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Review

Today we get into the Cloud Defense LCS Mk2, for the Mk1 head here-Madduo

Cloud Defensive LCS Mk2 Review

Fifty Shades of FDE

Cloud Defensive just released the LCS Mk2 to accomodate the popular Streamlight Protac Rail Mount Weapon Light switches. Note: they will NOT work with the Remote Switches for the TLR series lights.

Last year, Merrill did a thorough review of the Rail Mount 2.

Owners of the Rail Mount lights have been saying ever since the Mk1’s release for the Surefire ST07 remote switch, “What about an LCS for Streamlight?” Sean McCauley listened and went to work. After some prototypes and quality control testing, they are now in production and ready to go.

I was one of the first to get one in the mail a few weeks ago. It came along with a Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 2, since I run Surefires per my preference. My first reaction was, “Holy Hell, that switch is BIG! It’s got to be three times the size of the ST07 I’m used to. Streamlight gets an A for effort by including a mounting set with rubber rail grabbers, tape and zip ties. I took a look at the stock mounting options and didn’t even to open that bag.

In order to fit the larger-than-life switch, the LCS Mk2 itself is much bigger in size than the Mk1. Since it is much longer in length, there’s a new feature added: the Early Exit cut into the integrated cable channel. It is a little notch in the middle of the cable channel to allow the user more options to mount the light or switch. This was specifically for those who run SBRs. It’s always nice to have options.

The Mk2 is similar to the Mk1 in that is a three piece design that creates a secure clamp onto the picatinny rail. In order to keep the Mk2 as small as possible, the cable channels are on the bottom of the side clamps instead on top like on the Mk1.

Installation is similar to the Mk1, however you have the Early Exit feature you can use if you need or want to. For this review with my rifle setup, I didn’t use it. There are many ways you can install it, and this is how I do it: Once I find the sweet spots for the light placement and switch, I mount the light. I then hold the Mk2 with the switch on the picatinny rail where I want it. I tuck the cable in and press it against the switch, then push the screws through. While holding all that together I grab the last piece, start the screws with my fingers, then tighten up with an allen wrench. It sounds harder than it is.

Once it’s tightened down, you’ll have a secure mount for the remote switch without worrying whether it’ll snag or get ripped off when you don’t want it to.

The Mk2 is solid and activation is always a sure thing. It’s easy to find and use; when you need light, you’ll get it. The strobing feature on the light was something to get used to, but it was plenty bright.

One thing to note, the tail cap design for the Rail Mount lights do not allow for the cable to be disengaged. Since it is the only place to access the batteries, the best option to replace the batteries is to remove the entire light to get it done because cables don’t like playing twister.


The Mk2 comes standard with Type III Hardcoat Anodized finish in black. If you want it in custom colors like Flat Dark Earth, Urban Gray, Burnt Bronze, and Bazooka Green, expect a two- to three-week lead time.

-Fifty Shades of FDE

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