BIA Cain Lightweight – Like Shooting Next to Nuthin’

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May 23, 2017  
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We’re big proponents of getting kids out on the range. Sometimes, that calls for a lighter gun than what most of us typically run. That’s why we’ve been shooting the BIA Cain Lightweight. Mad Duo

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BIA Cain Lightweight – Like Shooting Next to Nuthin’ 

Mad Duo

Although Brothers In Arms is mostly known for their Cerakote work, they are also a firearms and suppressor distributor. Recently they quietly released their own “signature” BIA rifle, specced out to…well, their specs. While they do not manufacture any of it in-house, they have taken great pains to ensure it is as light, ergonomic, and functional a rifle as can be — which is why it came to our attention while looking for firearms suitable for younger minions who might have trouble manipulating something more beastly.

They call it the Cain Lightweight; it’s currently the only model they have approved by the BATFE, but other variants are likely coming.

Cain Lightweight rifle

Here’s a quick rundown of that rifle.

The heart of any rifle, of course, is the barrel. They’ve chosen a Rainier Arms lightweight match barrel with Rainier Arms match gas block. The barrel is chambered in .223 Wylde with an intermediate gas port and a 1:8 twist to accommodate a wide range of bullet weights.

The handguard is a 15″ SLR Helix in M-LOK. It’s aluminum, and one of the lightest handguards on the market. On the ass end is a Minimalist stock to help keep weight down.

Close up of the Cain Lightweight handguard

A person aiming the rifle

Close up of the Cain Lightweight lower receiver

The forged lower receiver is manufactured by a company out of Florida with a standard threaded bolt catch pin hole. The upper/lower tensioning screw hole is there in the event that another manufacturer’s upper doesn’t fit perfectly. The rear takedown detent hole is threaded for a set screw as well.

Close up of the upper/lower tensioning screw hole

Within the lower is the Rise Armament RA-140 trigger, which is single-staged and has a 3.5 lb. pull (very nice). They’ve also installed KNS anti-walk pins, which don’t typically come with the Rise RA-140. Do you need “anti-walk pins”? That’s something we often debate, but we reckon they’re a nice touch, particularly at this price.

The whole thing is wrapped up with a few upgrades from Seekins Precision, including trigger guard and selector (all of their builds in this line now feature the complete Seekins Precision lower build). Note that you don’t see the Seekins bolt catch, mag button, and take-down pins in the images here. That’s because this particular blaster preceded the final form.

So far we’ve only put a few hundred rounds downrange with it, and while we’ve had some issues with light strikes, it’s all been with some really old Winchester ammo some purists would likely have just thrown away. It digested and extracted the limited amount of “younger” ammunition we ran through it without any problems.

Side profile of the Cain Lightweight

More to follow soon. Meantime you can find Brothers In Arms online as both Brothers Armory and Tulsa Cerakote (Cerakoting is their primary business, and they’re killing it in NE Oklahoma). Follow ’em on Instagram, @biatulsa. They’re on Facebook right here. You can see some of their older work on RECOIL a couple of years back.

Hat tip to Venture Crew 1935 and Troop 935 of the Indian Nations Council for their help giving this Cain Lightweight its first range day.

Cain Lightweight at the range

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This article was brought to you today in part by Armageddon Gear. The redneck former Ranger who runs this place makes some seriously good gear. True story.

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