Jeans from Barbell Apparel: maybe your answer to The Struggle

Barbell jeans move with you; like when climbing in Acadia National Park.
June 12, 2019  
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Let’s face it, many women find it challenging to find clothing that fits and feels good. Athletic women are no different. They face unique challenges when they’re shopping for all sorts of clothing. Here, Melissa shares her initial review of Barbell Apparel.

The Struggle is Real

I always have particular trouble finding jeans to fit my hips, thighs, and waist. Not that I’m crazy muscular by any means, but I seem to just have enough of an athletic physique to make it awkward to find well-fitting pants. If I find a pair that fits my butt, they are too loose at the waist; or if they fit at the waist, they are waaaay too constricting at the hips.

Barbell Apparel jeans - the first part of the Barbell Jeans review was in London.

Barbell Apparel jeans worn by the London Waterfront.

Barbell Apparel is different

This is where Barbell Apparel comes in. They make clothing for athletes who have different body proportions than the average population. That’s why they make their jeans larger in the butt and thighs and smaller at the waist. They also put just a little bit of spandex in to add comfort and flex.

Barbell Jeans review - detail close-up

Barbell Jeans are designed well and feature very cute (yes, cute) details.

Recently I received two pairs of pants, leggings and a sports bra from Barbell Apparel to try out. Each of these items came in a solid color. The Boot Cut pants are Blue Fade, Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash, Form Leggings in Black, and a Form Sports Bra in Maroon. The leggings and sports bra are new additions to the Barbell Apparel line. The sports bra is silky smooth to the touch, features some fun back-strapping detail, and the colour is beautiful. Activity level: light.

Barbell Apparel jeans, leggings and sports bra

My Barbell Apparel selections, still in the packages.

Initial Review

At first glance, the jeans seem well made, and I like how both washes look. The dark color of the Slim Athletic Fit pair looks very professional and I can easily dress them up. The Boot Cut is a classic look in the Blue Fade, although they fit a little long on my short legs. When I slip them on they fit like a glove; there is no butt wiggling or adjustments, the pants literally just slide on.

Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit in Dark Wash

Barbell Apparel Slim Athletic Fit pants in Dark Wash.


Barbell Apparel Boot Cut in Blue Fade

Barbell Apparel Boot Cut in Blue Fade.

I’m glad that I got the leggings in a classic black, so it can match anything else I wear and also hide any imperfections. Unfortunately, the material loves to collect cat fur.


Barbell Apparel leggings and sports bra

Barbell Apparel leggings and sports bra.

Over this summer, I will be wearing these pants along with their leggings and sports bra to see how comfortable and durable they are. I’ll be taking them with me everywhere, out on the town, shooting, weight lifting and camping.

From a Barbell Jeans review.

No, my ass is not that big in real life, but the angle from my “new jean selfie” was so perfectly, patently ridiculous I just had to use it. That’s a Mira 2-in-1 in the background.

Barbell Jeans isn't all Barbell Apparel makes - their sports bras are great.

Barbell Jeans isn’t all Barbell Apparel makes – their sports bras are great.


Look for a future article talking about all the pants from different manufacturers I’ve tried out!

Barbell Apparel jeans hiking in Nova Scotia

Coming soon: Boots are 5.11 ATAC side-zip; more on those soon 


Want to see what else they have? Check ’em out at the Barbell Apparel website. They’re on Instagram, @barbellapparel.


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