The Mira 2-in-1 Pack | 5.11 Backpack Review

5.11 Backpack - Mira 2-in-1 pack in London.
| April 25, 2019
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It was a very exciting day when we received the Mira 2-in-1 Pack by 5.11 Tactical. We’ve been eyeing this piece since SHOT Show 2017!

When we first opened the box…

5.11 Backpack - Mira 2-in-1 pack

… all I could see was the beautiful garnet colouring, which wasn’t too bright or in your face but a nice dark pinky-purple. Feeling the material it felt sturdy and very thick in my fingers, promising the durability that 5.11 Tactical claims.

5.11 Backpack

The first thing I did before searching inside the backpack was to adjust the straps to fit me. I was happy to see little elastic loops to tuck my excess straps into. I liked how the backpack sat high just skimming the small of my back. As well, the chest strap kept the shoulder straps firm and snug on my shoulders. The backpack had a multitude of pockets, one for your glasses (on the top), 2 water bottle holders and a netted small pocket at the top inside of the backpack for personals. I stuffed my 15 in. screen laptop into the pack to see how it held out; and as expected, my laptop fit perfectly, with room to spare for clothes and a shower kit.

5.11 Backpack - Mira 2-in-1 pack in the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Wearing the “Mira” 5.11 backpack at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Concealed Carry Purse

The purse came off easily from the backpack and had all sorts of storage within it too. First noticed was the magnetic pocket on the outside, made for a handgun. My Glock 17 fit inside, however, a souped-up Glock with optic mounted did not (which wasn’t a surprise). The purse would be better suited to a G19 pistol, or even a Glock 43 (assuming, of course, you’re looking at it for off-body carry). There are two felted magazine holders inside the purse where a large LG G4 cellphone was able to slide into. The purse had plenty of space that one could see and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Detached concealed carry purse from the Mara 2-in-1 pack.

The purse segment of the Mira 2-in-1 pack at the HFX Shopping Centre in Halifax.

After a few months of using 5.11’s Mira’s 2-in-1 over the summer, I can say I wasn’t disappointed.

An excellent EDC Pack

The backpack portion fully unzips like a suitcase allowing you to pack everything flat. It was actually kind of neat being able to peel open the backpack like an orange — typically I’m used to backpacks only opening halfway down. I’m also able to fit quite a bit of stuff into my backpack, a few days’ worth of clothes and my wash kit.

The top pocket for your sunglasses is really handy for when I choose to wear contacts and need a place to safeguard my glasses, or if I want to put things that I might need to grab quickly, like keys or my wallet. The netted pocket inside is where I usually put my hand lotion, lip chap and earplugs (because you never know). For my morale patch panel, I settled on my Don’t Be Cunty patch by Grey Ghost Gear.

Later I hope to collect different patches for the seasons and holidays.  Both the backpack and purse have PALS webbing, which is handy for customization if you want. For example, you can hook pouches on, or attach a small knife or pen.

5.11 Backpack - Mira 2-in-1 pack

The Mira 2-in-1 pack (5.11 Tactical backpack) at the London Bridge.

The purse easily unhooks and is full of handy easily accessible pockets (see specs below). It’s made of a tough water resistant material (like the backpack itself) and the darker colour is convenient because it won’t stain as easily. I find that the purse is a little too bulky for me, but, that’s only me. It needs to be bulky if you’re going to place a handgun inside – which is unnecessary for me as I live in Canada.

But I do find it useful to place bigger objects like a book or my hairbrush inside.

Mira 2-in-1 pack; 5.11 Backpack

The Mira 2-in-1 pack loaded up and prepping to leave a London hotel.

Both the purse and the backpack have a black bottom and therein lies my only complaint (which isn’t so bad, considering). I have 3 cats, and their fur seems to collect on the black fabric with a vengeance – more so than other fabrics. I find myself constantly wiping the hair off so I don’t look too much like the crazy cat lady that I am.

We’ll see how both hold up to extended use, including some outdoor use. That’ll be a report for a later time.



You can buy one, or not, that’s up to you — but if you’re gonna, do us a solid and buy it through our link

5.11 Backpack - Mira 2-in-1 pack


MIRA 2-in-1 Pack 25L

Via the manufacturer.

“Function and form come together in a colorful way with the Mira 2-in1 Backpack. The pack is built for versatility and features storage pouch that can be removed and used as a cross body bag. The main compartment features a dedicated 15 in. laptop compartment, zippered sunglass pocket and external mesh water bottle pockets. The front pouch features a CCW compartment with a magnetic closure.”

•Durable water-resistant exterior
•Removable crossbody bag
•Laptop compartment
•2-in-1 backpack/crossbody bag
•Dual interior pockets
•2 exterior mesh water bottle pockets
•Hook and loop patch on the front panel for morale patch attachment
•Adjustable chest straps
•YKK Self-healing zippers
•Hook and loop accents

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