Back for the First Time – Grip Stop Done Right

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January 22, 2015  
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Look at the big brain on B5 Systems – they picked up a good piece of gear for their lineup. Since we heart B5 Systems and the B5 Grip Stop with great heartness, we reckon that’s good news. Mad Duo

Back for the First Time – Grip Stop Done Right

Back in 2013, we reported on a new product called the Grip Stop. You may’ve heard of it….it’s kind of a big deal. Well, since then it’s really gained a lot of traction in the firearms industry. It’s been touted by many industry professionals and we personally swear by it. Now another well-known company with innate amounts of integrity is re-releasing it back into the public. This go-around the Grip Stop is getting the royal treatment. Roll out the red carpet, boys.

B5 Systems, maker of fine firearm furniture and USSOCOM SOPMOD contract owner, has partnered with Grip Stop creator, vetrepreneur,  and renowned American Jedi Nathan Murr. They have begun the newest stage of Grip Stop manufacturing.

With feedback taken from the SOF community, firearms professionals, and Grip Stop customers, B5 Systems and Murr got to work and made some subtle changes in architecture and design. They smoothed some edges here, trimmed some fat there, and now it’s nicer than a dancing mom’s new boobs. What they came up with is the newest generation of the Grip Stop and will remain the benchmark to its legacy.

B5 Systems Grip stop

Adding to the Family

B5 Systems will also be releasing the newest addition to the B5 Grip Stop family, the Grip Stop-K. The “K” is derived from the German word “Kurz”, meaning short. It is 1/2″ shorter than the original Grip Stop. This gives the K a lower profile and provides a secondary option to shooters who prefer a smaller platform. The angled corners were also radiused to eliminate hard edges. This aids in comfort while shooting. It also prevents snagging and assists with general aesthetics.

B5 Systems Gripstop B5 Systems GripStop3
Universal Platform

The new B5 Systems GripStop will also ship as a “one size fits all” package. I’ll explain: B5 Systems’ R&D staff wanted to make the accessory easier for the customer to purchase what they need and have their product fit a multitude of rail systems.

Before, there were generally two different versions  — the MOD1, a direct-attach, screw-in configuration with a center lug for KeyMod rails, and the MOD2 for the Picatinny rail. This time around, it will arrive to customers as a more universal platform.

Now, customers will be able to use the interchangeable hardware (provided with the kit) to change their Grip Stop configuration to accommodate just about any rail system out there sans Picatinny (the actual Picatinny version will follow shortly). B5 Systems and Murr feel that this solves a serious dilemma that customers faced with the original product.

The new B5 Systems GripStop and Grip Stop-K in the universal and Picatinny configurations will be available by the end of February, and prices will be comparable to the old one.

B5 and GripStop6

For more details and updates, follow B5 Systems and Grip Stop on Facebook and Instagram or at



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  1. Tommy Morales

    I would like 2 also.One universal and one picatinney mount. Both in black please.

    Thank you

  2. Kevin

    Will it be capable of directly mounting to the Troy VTAC rail?

  3. Anthony Compagni

    Sign me up for two! How can I order


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