A Viking Seax for Sutherby – Wherein We Ask Your Help

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| April 14, 2017
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A Viking Seax for Sutherby – Wherein We Ask Your Help

We need everyone to enter this raffle and help this young man out – the prize is a badass fixed blade.

Wyatt Sutherby is 20 years old. He planned his entire life to join the Marine Corps, at least partly because he spent most of his time growing up living on Marine Corps posts.

A few months ago (sometime in September), while preparing to leave for the military with a Fall 2016 entry date, he suffered a bout of severe leg pain. A subsequent MRI scan discovered a large tumor on his spine, and within a week he’d lost the use of his right leg.

He and his family have been doing battle with this large and aggressive cancer ever since; many of the services required to treat it are not covered by the VA, and he’ll no longer be covered by their insurance when he hits 21 anyway.

Wyatt tells us, “I have had no choice but to embrace the suck. I’m going to beat this.”

This is a Wharncliffe/Viking Seax fixed blade — you can win it, and in your attempts to do so you can help Wyatt’s family. It was built by Breach-Bang-Clear contributor Dave “Norseman” Williams (who runs Survival Hardware) for a raffle to raise money on Wyatt’s behalf.

Grunts: Seax.

Sutherby comes by his grit genetically. He hails from a Marine Corps family. His father, Ken, worked procurement for years for the USMC’s sniper program and retired out of Quantico. If the Marine sniper community received new kit in the last decade, chances are Wyatt’s dad greased the wheels to help make it happen.

Says Ken,

“This are and aggressive cancer has overwhelmed and tested our family as we learn to fight it.”

There are a number of other, less dire challenges, facing the family, but anyone who has ever lived in the real world knows how quickly even small issues become a burden when they begin to stack. Wyatt recently went in for his third round of chemo in Seattle, and while doing so his father was busy packing their house because their lease was up. They have a place to move to, but they still have to get there. Then when they arrive, they’ll have to make modifications to the residence for sleeping, bathing, mobility, etc.

As of this writing, Norseman’s Seax rifle has raised a little over $3,300. We’re humbly asking you help us push it up over the $5,000 mark.

Thanks all.

The Breach-Bang-Clear Staff

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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