$1.50 of FIREClean; 8,500 rounds, 18 months

| October 3, 2015
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Most of you probably remember the recent (perhaps even ongoing) back-and-forthing about FireClean. What it’s made from, whether it work, if you should fry chicken in it… Like it? Use it. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Think it adds a certain piquance to your rémoulade? Use it. You’ll do stupider things on your next libo.


Admit it. You want this magazine.

This video comes from FIREClean via Boresight Solutions. They advise the wear test took place in a suppressed 12.5 in. SBR over 18 months without cleaning. Watch the video, judge it for itself.  It should be noted, however, FIREClean has offered to finance us (meaning the Breach-Bang-Clear staff) running a torture test and/or “bake off” of up to 10,000 rounds if we were so inclined. That denotes a certain level of confidence in the product.


Ultimately, we’re not wrapped around the axle about lube. Some of our minions use FIREClean, some use Slip, some Break Free and others yet 10-40. We figure we’ll use what works best for us individually and STFU about what everyone else chooses to use. Your call if you want to do the same.

You can learn more about FIREClean, if you are so inclined, right here. If you’re one of those who just can’t engage in academic discourse, who want to rage or troll or just be a keyboard-empowered fuckwit in general, try this lube. It’s non-staining.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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  1. E Plebnista

    Omg at all the artards activated by this subject. Just a quick (as possible) comment about the matter- whether or not ‘Canola’ (rapeseed) oil is one of Fireclean’s three component oils, Rapeseed oil is a well-known industrial lubricant going back over 100 years. That’s btw what Crisco started life as, before its 2nd owners figured out they could make more money having people Eat It than competing among a crowd as an industrial grease. And before rapeseed, people used Whales for lubricant oil. Later there was a big switch to petroleum as lubricant bases, but except for expensive selected esthers (Mobil 1 etc) petroleum isn’t automatically better at any particular thing than the vegetable lipids are.

    Either a product does what it says, or it doesn’t. If it works, then the producer’s obligation to the customer has been met. Anything else is haggling over a price. As for price, a small-ticket item needs to retail for at least 4x its entire production costs: ingredients, components, equipment, containers, packaging, boxing, shipping, payroll, taxes, taxes, taxes, splitting with the retailer, or else the company will go out of business. Try it sometime. You can’t buy a product for what the components cost the manufacturer because no business can be run that way. On top of that, if any room for it in the price, is added value of the product’s expertise in being better (at whatever) than its contemporaries. Extreme analogy: there’s maybe $12 in materials in a Yeti cooler, not “$350”, but I don’t see morons setting them on fire and complaining that they’re a scam.

    Which brings me to the last point, the ‘sciencey’ ghetto stunt of putting a wet drop of something on a hot stove eye and then being surprised when it smokes and burns up. That guy said he doesn’t have infrared thermometers. Well I do have them, and the best of them won’t go as high as an unloaded stove eye can, maxing at an an incredible 945 degrees F. Conventional petroleum oils will burn up above 350F, even Mobil 1 will burn up above 480F, a stove eye can go 100% higher than that. EVERYTHING THERE IS will Burn Up during that idiotic ‘test’. If he kept doing it, it would have melted the Coins. All it proved was the sheer number of people who don’t know any industrial history or physics. Last thing, Fireclean doesn’t say “put a wet drop of this on a coin on a stovetop and it will not burn off at temps 100% higher than Mobil 1 gives up at”, it says “apply this to clean metal, Let It Dry, and it forms a waxy coating that makes GSR clean off easier”. It does a good job of that. There are hundreds of other things. If someone doesn’t like it, use something else. But the only scam running around has been the rants and stunts ‘debunking’ it..

  2. JP

    Wow. Look how easily the buffer and Teflon coated parts wiped clean. So much awesome!

    At this point I’m more annoyed at how much blog space they are wasting trying to plead their case. Good product or rip-off, I no longer care.

    There is nothing that any rootin’, tootin’, gun-toting sumbitch is using that cant do this.

  3. Charlie Mitchell

    I read about this stuff, and at first I wondered WTF?. Then I figured that Hey, it might sound funny, but if it works, it works.

    Me, I’m probably not gonna try it, because I’m happy with my Rem-Oil for oil, my Mobil-1 for grease, and my experience tells me that those 2 do everything I need.

    But if this stuff works for other people then I’m glad they found it.

    Which is pretty much what your article says, so this reply is kind of a waste of valuable internet electrons, isn’t it ?


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