Yote Hydration Pack

Yote Hydration Pack by Eagle Industries.
| February 7, 2020
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Whether you need a backpack for hiking or camping, as a duty pack, or even as a bug-out bag, this daypack from Eagle Industries deserves your attention. Although the Yote Hydration Pack isn’t a MilSurp product, it is designed for people in the military industry. At first glance, you wouldn’t guess that this pack has something like 1000 cubic inches of storage space, let alone all of the finer details that pump up its functionality. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Yote Hydration Pack - three hydration/comms routing ports.


The padded straps are engineered with multiple details for improved functionality.

Yote Hydration Pack Strap Details.

Check out all the detail in the straps.

The load lifters are there to keep the top of the bag snug up to your body for better weight distribution. This is a great feature for preventing shoulder and neck pain after hours of trekking with the pack on your back. Note the hydration hose port at the top of the pack and the strap keeper at the middle of the strap. With two anchor points, the hose is secured.

The sternum strap has a quick-release buckle, so you can ditch the pack in a hurry if you need to. Also, the additional strap keepers at the bottom help maintain organization for the pack. The D-rings offer additional carrying capabilities in case you need to clip more gear onto the pack.

One last thing about the straps: they can be completely removed in case you need to attach the pack to a larder loadout. Nifty, eh?


Front Pockets

The general utility pocket at the front has a large velcro area for patches. Just above the front pocket is another zippered pocket with more velcro on the outside. This pocket would be great for your cell-phone, keys, and other paraphernalia.

Yote Hydration Pack Eagle Industries, with beavertail compartment.


The beavertail compartment behind the front pockets is what makes this pack shine. After releasing the four ITW Nexus buckles, the expandable mesh opens up to expose a very roomy compartment. It’s so roomy, this feature alone adds approximately 400 cubic inches to the pack, overall. You can actually fit a helmet in there, like this.

The beavertail compartment collapses flat when empty, but can expand to hold a helmet.

The Yote Hydration Pack beavertail compartment collapses flat when empty, but can expand to hold a helmet. Image source: Southern Connecticut Airsoft.

On the posterior wall of the beavertail the pack has another zippered pocket for smaller items.

Attached Side Pouches and Daisy Chain

The roomy side pockets have a storage space of 63 cubic inches each. Both pouches have a drainage hole and two-way zippers. Surprisingly, even though the pouches are attached, there is a compartment behind each pouch for more storage.

Daisy-chain ribbing runs from the tops of the side pouches and over the top so you can clip on extra gear with carabiners or webbing straps

The Yote Hydration Pack features daisy-chain across the top so more gear can be attached to the pack.

Image Source: TheOutdoorGearReview.

Main Compartment

The main compartment of the pack is pretty large, with a storage space of 468 cubic inches.

Yote Hydration Pack Bladder Clip

Use the clip to secure the hydration bladder in place. Image Source: TheOutdoorGearReview.

The hydration bladder is held in place with mesh backing and a clip at the top. Also, just in case anything leaks, Eagle Industries included a drainage hole at the bottom of this compartment.

Pouch Attachment Ladder System

The back of the pack is covered in Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing because it was designed to connect to a larger pack. After you’ve set up camp you can run a gun with it and leave the larger loadout at camp.

PALS system on the back of the Yote Hydration Pack.

Image Source: TheOutdoorGearReview.

Yote Hydration Pack Features

  • Two external side pockets
  • Three hydration/comms routing ports.
  • Expandable beavertail compartment.
  • Capable of attaching to plate/armor carriers utilizing MOLLE on back panel.
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder straps.
  • Compression straps with quick release buckles.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):17.0″x11.0″x3.0″
  • Weight:45.6oz
  • Compatibility: One size fits all
  • Available in six colors
  • YKK Zippers

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Yote Hydration Pack Eagle Industries.

Eagle Industries Yote Hydration Pack - in the wild.

 Image source: O P Tactical Gear Store.

Image source: O P Tactical Gear Store

This pack looks like a great choice for all kinds of adventures. Whether you get one for yourself, or as a gift, let us know what you think!

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