Banging Gift Guide 2019

The 2019 Banging Gift Guide isn’t just for Christmas, Hanukkah, St. Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, etc. (though it will serve any of those purposes). This is a general purpose list that will help you find gifts for PCSing friends, keepsakes for retiring SNCOs, gifts for gun lovers, gifts for outdoorsy women, stocking stuffers for men, gifts for travelers — all kinds of stuff. This particular banging gift guide is sponsored by the Tactical Gear Buyers Club and Deep Creek PR; it’s a work in progress and we’re taking suggestions, so feel free to weigh in at the bottom. 


Gifts for Everyday Carry 

Gifts for Gun Lovers

Gifts for First Responders

Gifts for Hikers

Gifts for Liquid Courage and Epic Tales

Gifts for the Man Cave

Gifts for Outdoorsy Women

Gifts for the Tactically Operational and Operationally Tactical (Tactical Gifts)

Gifts for Travelers

Gifts for Beyond the Wall





Gifts for…

Everyday Carry


• Bolt Action Pen from Bastion Gear

Write all the things or throw the bolt to imagine delivering social work to sassy terrorists. Either is possible with Bastion Gear’s stainless steel and carbon fiber bolt action pen. It’s a ballpoint pen using blank ink in a replaceable cartridge with an all-metal open-and-close bolt action like what’s found in so many rifles.

Gifts for writers and everyday carry gift options: the bolt action pen.
Everyday carry gift considerations (and any search for gifts for writers) should include the bolt action pen from Bastion Gear.

This pen comes with a Parker Style fine tip black ink cartridge that emulates the Quinkflow fine tip style.

Length: 5.28 inches Width: 0.45 inches  Weight: 2.3 ounces

Bolt action pen in carbon fiber and stainless steel from Bastion gear


• Kershaw Launch 10

Kershaw’s handy little pocket claw is an excellent EDC gift option, assuming you live in a place where auto-opening knives are legal. It has an aggressive, hawkbill-style blade and an angular blade spine and handle. There’s a large lanyard hole and a reversible deep-carry pocket clip, and of course push-button activation. Find it at Blade HQ, Smoky Mountain Knife Works, or Knife Country USA.

Stocking stuffers for men: Kershaw Launch KL10

  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated backspacer with lanyard hole
  • Push-button open
  • Push-button lock release
  • Reversible deep-carry pocketclip (right/left, tip-up)
  • Steel: CPM 154, stonewashed finish
  • Handle: 6061-T6 aluminum, gray anodized
  • Blade Length: 1.9 in. (4.8 cm)
  • Closed Length: 3.2 in. (8.1 cm)
  • Overall Length: 5.2 in. (13.2 cm)
  • Weight: 1.8 oz. (52 g)

Kershaw Knives Launch 10: a consideration if you're looking for stocking stuffers for men.


• TG Dual Arc Plasma Lighter

Some lighters are better than others: we reckon the TG Plasma Lighter is one of the higher links on the food chain.

TG Plasma Lighter

Features of TG Plasma Lighter

  • Dimensions: 2.71” x 1.87” x .68”
  • Material: Zinc, aluminum and polypropylene
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer, 220mAh
  • Charge time: 2 hours
  • Power: .81Wh, 3.7V USB Rechargeable (cable included)
  • Button activated
  • Push-to-open cover
  • Locking mechanism
  • Water and windproof plasma
  • Built-in short circuit protection
  • Ten-second automatic shut off
  • 300 uses per charge

It’s available on Amazon.

TG Plasma Lighter


• Kershaw Antic folding knife (task knife)

The aptly named Kershaw Antic is a great little EDC/task knife. Can you pull it from a rock and become King of England? No. Can you pry ammo crates open with it? No. Actually, yeah probably. Point is, this is an excellent, lightweight little workaday pocket knife that is more than worth the $30 it’ll cost ya.

Don’t mind the scratches on this particular specimen, we’ve been using the hell out of it for a review article and it just came back from Philmont Scout Ranch.

The Kershaw Antic is a little folder that makes an excellent EDC knife.
The Kershaw Antic is a little folder that makes an excellent EDC knife.


  • Bottle opener, screwdriver, pry tip
  • Manual opening
  • Thumb stud
  • Frame lock
  • Single-position pocketclip (right, tip-down)
  • Steel: 8Cr13MoV, bead-blasted finish
  • Handle: Stainless steel, blue PVD coating
  • Blade Length: 1.75 in. (4.6 cm)
  • Closed Length: 3.75 in. (9.6 cm)
  • Overall Length: 5.5 in. (14 cm)
  • Weight: 3.1 oz. (88 g)
Need stocking stuffers for men? A good task knife like the Kershaw Antic is a far more practical EDC blade than many so-called "tactical knives" out there.
A good task knife like the Kershaw Antic is a far more practical EDC blade than many so-called “tactical knives” out there.




Gifts for…

Gun Lovers

• 22 Conversion Kit by CMMG

Do some trainin’ on the cheap, spend the day plinkin’, there’s any number of reasons to getcha one of these conversion kits.

22 conversion kit

The instructions are pretty simple. CMMG says, “Just swap this drop in conversion with the bolt carrier group from your 5.56/.223 chambered rifle and you will be ready to shoot .22LR.  Ships with 25rd 22LR magazine.  For best performance use a round style hammer as notched hammers can cause function issues and 36 grain plated nose bullets have proven to be the best choice for function.”

Learn more or get one at Palmetto State Armory, Primary Arms, GunMag Warehouse, Cabela’s, Midway USA, or on

22 conversion kit by CMMG


CMMG conversion kit







Gifts for…

First Responders

Rescue Knife: Spyderco Rescue 3

This version of the Spyderco Rescue 3 features a fully serrated edge on a sheepsfoot style blade with a satin finish. It has an ergonomicallly enhanced FRN handle with what they call Bi-Directional Texturing, Back Lock, a skeletonized stainless steel liner, and a four-position ambi hourglass clip for different carry positions. Rescue Knife by Spyderco

•VG-10 steel

•Overall length 8.29 in.

• Blade length 3.57 in.

• Weight 3.8 oz.

Spyderco Rescue 3


• Kershaw Launch 1

The Kershaw Launch 1 was (as you might’ve guessed from the name) the first of the Launch series. It’s a good-sized (8 in. OAL) but lightweight (4 oz.) auto-opening folder made of CPM 154 blade steel treated with Kershaw’s BlackWash finish. The pocket clip is left/right side reversible and the handle is 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized.

Kershaw Launch 1

  • Made in the USA
  • Integrated backspacer and lanyard tie-off
  • Automatic push-button open
  • Push-button lock release
  • Reversible pocketclip (left/right tip-up)
  • Steel: CPM 154, black-oxide BlackWash™ finish
  • Handle: 6061-T6 aluminum, black anodized
  • Blade Length: 3.4 in. (8.6 cm)
  • Closed Length: 4.6 in. (11.7 cm)
  • Overall Length: 8 in. (20.3 cm)
  • Weight: 4 oz. (114 g)

The Kershaw Launch 1 is available at Smokey Mountain Knife Works, Midway USA, Viper-Tec, Blade HQ, Optics Planet, even Wal-Mart!

Kershaw Knives Launch 1






Gifts for…

Hikers (and Campers)

Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier (IPC)

This is an awesome piece of kit. If you hike remote locations with a buddy, have one of these with you. If you go to field with a Scout troop – have one of these with you. If you have kids and are putting together a get-home or bug-out kit, have one of these in it. If you…well, you get the idea.

Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier

Find ’em on the Agilite website (there’s a demo video there too).

Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier

Agilite Injured Personnel Carrier


• Lawson hammock

The Lawson Blue Ridge Camping Hammock is an award-winning piece of kit that can be used as a traditional hammock or as a de facto ground tent (ish). Lawson says, “Comfortable, waterproof and bug proof – relax in the backyard, sleep in the backcountry, stake it in the desert or hang out by the river with your new favorite tent-hammock hybrid.”

Gifts for campers - check out the Lawson Hammock
Gifts for hikers, gifts for campers – hell, gifts for people who want to lounge on the back porch. Any of those lists could have a Lawson Hammock in it.

Lawson Blue Ridge Hammock

Suspend it or stake it out on the ground. Their proprietary spreader bar + arch pole system is intended to keep the hammock taut, which will keep you flatter (and maybe prevent you from flipping around or getting all bowed up). There are an integrated bug net and an attachable rainfly as well.

Hammock + Straps

  • Hammock (Forest Green)
  • 2x Spreader Bars
  • 2x Arch Poles
  • Rain Fly
  • Stuff Sack
  • 2 Suspension Straps
  • 2 Premium wiregate carabiners (not for climbing)
  • Stuff Sack

Hammock Only

  • Hammock (Forest Green)
  • 2x Spreader Bars
  • 2x Arch Poles
  • Rain Fly
  • Stuff Sack

Features & Construction

  • Rip-stop and poly pack hammock construction for lightweight durability
  • Ultra fine, no-see-um net canopy keeps bugs out
  • Waterproof rip-stop nylon rain fly for all-weather use (polyethylene coated to 1000mm)
  • Sealed nylon border on the canopy protects against water blowing up under rain fly
  • Strong 10-point Spreader bar system for flat interior surface
  • Shock-corded aluminum arch poles provides roomy net canopy
  • Single secured zippered entry
  • Additional exterior loops for ground staking
  • Two interior storage pockets
  • O-ring in ceiling for hanging light
  • Use suspended or on the ground
  • Total Weight: With Straps – 4 lbs, 15 oz  Without Straps – 4lbs, 4 oz (including poles, rain fly and stuff sack)

Learn more and watch some videos on the Lawson Hammock website, at Sportsman’s Guide, at Sportsman’s Warehouse, or on Amazon.


Keith Titanium Ti6014 3-Piece Pot and Pan Cook Set

The three-piece cook set from Keith Titanium is one of the most popular camp cooking kits for light weight hikers. Ti does have relatively low thermal conductivity, but it cools fast and is completely safe tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and dishwasher safe.

    • Capacity: 40.6 + 27 + 13.5 fl oz │1200 ml + 800 ml + 400 ml ● Weight: 4.4 + 3.5 + 2.5 oz │ 125 + 100 + 70 g ● Set Dimensions: 5.4 × 5.2 in │ 138 × 133 mm /// 1.2L: Pot Rim: OD 128mm / ID 120mm; Pot Body: OD 118mm / ID 117mm 0.8L: Pot Rim: OD 128mm / ID 120mm; Pot Body: OD 121mm / ID 120mm 0.4L: Pan Mouth: OD 138mm / ID 130mm; Pan Bottom: OD 120mm / ID 119mm
    • Keith Titanium 2.4 L 3-Piece Pot and Pan Cook Set is made of premium pure titanium grade 1 without lining and coating. It is tasteless, odorless, non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Originally designed for backpacking, camping and traveling, it is also great for picnicking, emergency prepping and around the home, school and office. The handle insulating tubes are made of silicone. It comes with a custom made mesh storage sack.
    • Titanium is ultralight and super strong; it is also eco-friendly, extraordinarily hypoallergenic and exceptionally corrosion-resistant.


Gifts for…

Liquid Courage and Epic Tales

(or just staying hydrated)

•Uncle Jerry (Can) Whiskey Flask

We’ve all got that one uncle that embarrasses the hell out of us  at family gatherings. You know the one. He’s the one that packs his own rocket fuel to spike up whatever drink he can find at Grandma’s place. He’s also going to hit you up for that $20 you made mowing lawns before he leaves. This whiskey flask is named in honor of Uncle Jerry.

Uncle Jerry Whiskey Flask from Bad Moon Armory

It’s a stainless steel, 5 oz. jerrycan-shaped flask and available in a variety of colors. You have to supply the fuel.

Bad Moon Armory "Uncle Jerry" whiskey flask


•Bubi Bottle

Everyone has finished their bring while out walking about only to have to carry the large container it came in. Bubi Bottle out of Canada has made a silicone bottle that can be rolled up for easy storage taking up a fraction of the size it once did.

  • Keep Bubi cool or hot
  • Bubi is microwave and freezer safe
  • Bubi is mold-resistant
  • Bubis are dishwasher safe
  • Bubi is foldable /reversable to clean

We dig the fact that these are so easy to clean, being both dishwasher safe and reversible to make scrubbing the inside out. We have all forgotten a liquid of some sort in a bottle only for us to toss it out because we couldn’t easily clean the insides, right?


BenShot Bullet Rocks Glass with Real .308 Projectile (Set of Two)

The Ben Shot Bullet Glass is the perfect gift for the gun-totin’, bourbon-drinkin’ person in your life.

  • 100% MADE in the USA
  • Set of 2 – 11oz rocks glass made from high-quality glass
  • Real Lead-free 0.308 caliber bullet
  • Glasses come individually packaged (packaging is also made in the USA)


Gifts for…

Man Caves

• Large Wooden American Flag from Rebranded Customs

If you are looking for a gift for the patriot in your life, look no further than this wooden American Flag. It’s so inspiring, I am standing at the position of attention as I type this.

  • Merica
  • Weight: 80.00 Ounces
  • Width: 36.00 (in)
  • Height: 24.00 (in)
  • Depth: 1.50 (in)





Gifts for…

Outdoorsy Women

• Curves N Combat Boots Seamless Booty Scrunch Leggings

What’s not to like about leggings sold and designed by Veterans and Active Duty women. This isn’t the first time we have talked about them either.

Seamless Booty Scrunch

A couple of our female writers like the one above have one or many pieces from Curves N Combatboots. Melissa the one in the instagram photo from above enjoys picking heavy things up and putting them down again, only to do it with a larger weight later. The issue with this is squat butt makes most pants a pain in the ass (literally) to wear. Thankfully Curves has a pretty epic selection of styles and sizes to fit just about any body shape. The leggings above can be found here.

Why not adorn your legs with as much freedom as possible while looking amazing at the same time.

• Ski Boots: Apres Ski Recovery Boot from Telic

Ankle boots that are easy-on, easy-off, the Apres Ski Recovery Boot is insulated and water-resistant. Available in five sizes (triple extra-small) up to large (size 11).

Apres (Telic) ski recovery boots

From the product description:

Designed for easy entry and exit, this ankle boot feels like a natural extension of your favorite house slipper. Water-resistant and insulated, you can now enjoy Telic comfort all year round!


Award-winning comfort

  • Insulated & Water Resistant
  • Traction Control Out-sole
  • Pillow-Soft Comfort
  • Lightweight Stability
  • Athlete Approved
  • Dr. Recommended

Find ’em on the website.

Apres ski recovery boot


• McGovern and Company Glacier National Park Scarf

You may not be able to wear this as a shemagh or in scrim fashion, but that doesn’t make it an excellent everyday accessory (or for that matter, to keep your body armor from chafing your neck).


Via their description:

This oblong scarf printed with our beautiful vintage-style map of Glacier National Park is a stunning accessory. It’s soft and drapey which makes it easy to wear several different ways. Dress it up or down – the warm color tones look great with anything from jeans to a little black dress.

  • 100% soft polyester voile
  • hand wash, hang dry
  • 72 in. x 30 in.

Find ’em on their website or via Amazon. In the latter case, you’ll be supporting Breach-Bang-Clear.






Gifts that are Tactical


• Ballistic Helmet Bridge from Agilite

It’s one-size-fits-all equipment mounting system for most tactical helmets. It has exit holes for NVG cables and switches, central bungee retention for IR strobes and cameras, all kinds of cool options. Hell, you should have one of these even if you don’t have a tactical helmet just so you can look cool.

Tactical gift ideas - Agilite helmet bridge

You can find it online on the Agilite website.

Tactical gift ideas - Agilite helmet bridge





Gifts for Travelers


•Rolo Travel Bag

This roll-up compression bag is meant to be a wardrobe organizer for travelers. As such it could be used in a carry-on, checked luggage, or maybe camping gear (depending on weight/distance restrictions). From what we can tell, looking at the pictures and some of the comments online, this is going to be something used to separate certain components of your travel clothes vs. all of them.

Apparel compression for travel: the Rolo travel bag.

In other words, maybe you pack all your skivvies, t-shirts, and socks in here so you can keep tabs on your drawers. It doesn’t look big enough to keep several pairs of jeans, multiple shirts, etc. segregated. Though we could be wrong about that. We haven’t yet put hands on one.

Rolo Travel Bag rolled up and cinched down.
The Rolo Travel Bag, all rolled up and then cinched down.


Description according to the manufacturer:

Each Rolo includes a convenient detachable carrying strap so that you can choose to carry it as is or add it to your backpack or suitcase.

  • Features military-grade nylon mesh zipper pockets
  • Patented high-performance name brand buckles
  • Name brand zippers
  • 360-degree swivel hanging hook
  • Fiber-reinforced support bar
  • Lightweight and high-quality construction

Rolo's roll up travel bag specs.

Buy one on their website or via Amazon (in the latter case you’ll be supporting Breach-Bang-Clear).




Gifts for…

Beyond the Wall

•Northern Lites Elite Snowshoe

Good snowshoes are both personal preference, dependent on terrain/snow conditions and your weight. The Elite by Northern Lites has a nice solid decking to aid with you not sinking into the snow and comes in two styles of binding which we can appreciate.

  • 8″x25″ and 42 oz/pair (Tru-Trak) or 41 oz/pair (Speed)
  • Surface Area 164in2
  • Recommended for up to 175-190 lbs. total weight (user, gear, pack, etc.).
  • Off-trail hiking and camping, Cross-Training, Racing
  • 2-1/2 lbs. per pair
  • Made in the USA

We were most excited to see the Speed Binding which looks to be a very efficient method of getting into the binding. Some snowshoes have overly complicated systems to attach them to your boot and if this is as truly fast as they say it should be pretty awesome to quickly pop these on and hit the snowy trail.

Buy one on their website.


•Softshell Jacket

Agilite Gear

• Fabric: 100% tight-woven polyester with exterior breathable, waterproof membrane
• Breathability moisture rate transfer: 5000 gr’ square meter in 24 h
• Water pressure resistance: 6000mm/H2O2.
• Designed in Israel
• Manufacturing: ImportedSoftshell jacket by Agilite

Engineered for use by Israeli SOF bubbas to keep out wind, cold and moisture whilst maintaining an inordinate level of flexibility, breathability and durability. It features a half-glove that covers half the hand and helps bridge the transition area from jacket sleeve to glove (you can fold it inwards to make a regular sleeve). It’s got a Micro-Fleece interior, a low-profile hood hidden under the collar, and twin pit-zip vents. Plus it’s stretchy!

Softshell jacket by Agilite

•5.11 APEX 6″ Wedge Boot

5.11 Tactical

• Vibram® Christy resoleable outsole using Vibram® Newflex
• Premium leather
• Covert pocket
• D30® footbed for all-day cushioning & support
• Manufacturing: Imported

When the Canadian saw the APEX 6″ Wedge Boots at SHOT Show last year he instantly wanted a pair. Stylish boots that can dress up or be used in the woods, color me impressed. The only issue is the Canadian is built like a yeti and could not get these at the time as they stopped at size 13. 5.11 sent over their annual gift guide where you can find just about anything on your list if it comes from the tactical industry. While perusing it he noticed they now do come in ice giant size and he has a pair on the way to him. The fact that they made them resoleable is beyond fantastic. Nothing sucks more than having the sole of a comfortable boot wear out before the rest of the boot.

In case you were searching for some other gift ideas for family, friends or just want to ensure you get what you want check the gift guide below.

Gift giving season is around the corner, and whether your purchasing for the ones you love (or just looking for yourself!), the 5.11 Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone on your list.



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